100 Free Promotional Tote Bags When You Spend $2000

Do you seek greater engagement with your clients? Are you looking to add a personal touch to your business communication? The right promotional products compliment your mainstream advertising activity and give individual focus to a broader communication strategy. In an increasingly impersonal commercial world it's easy to forget markets are people and the success of your company rests wholly on your relationship with clients, suppliers and fellow staff. The right promotional item gives your broader marketing strategy meaning at a personal level. By engaging corporate decision makers and providing localised relevance for decision makers you can unlock the value of your brand.

Why Promote?

Almost daily the news cites economic indices quantifying business confidence. In our experience there is no better predictor of the general level of business confidence than the national volumes of organisations lodging promotional products enquiry. When times are tough promo gear is the first thing dropped from company budgets. When the economy begins to grow, improved cash flow encourages the loosening of purse strings and increased stock uptake.

Many companies prefer to control their fate and deny the whims of the market. These companies spend their annual budgets oblivious to the bad news around them. You find the most confident organisations ride out tough times better than those which retreat and look to others for reasons to invest. Reduce the speed of sales decline and accelerate out of the rough with effective promotional marketing.

On the surface it makes sense to spend less on advertising in tough times.But to make the most of your potential to engage the market in anticipation of an up-turn you need to look outwards to the motivations of those with whom you deal. Be the change you want in the economy. Promotional products provide elevated return on investment because they are a personal gesture. Using branded items for personal engagement as part of a larger awareness strategy gives you a multi-tiered opportunity to influence the future.

The promotional products industry started in small town USA over 150 years ago. A chaff bag manufacturer at one end of Coshocton Ohio persuaded local businessmen to buy "book bags" complete with printed details of their business. In short notice the idea took off and a rival opened at the other end of town. Competitive pressure led to innovation and economies of scale and a new industry was born. in 2013 the value of promotional merchandise sold in the USA reached a record 22.3 billion dollars. As a percentage of communication budgets, American companies invest almost 5 times more in branded merchandise than their Australian counterparts.

An integrated marketing campaign is a basket of needs and wants which must be balanced for the long term viability of your brand. The successful inclusion of branded gear in an overall communications strategy requires an awareness of the strengths promotional merchandise contribute to an overall communications strategy. In business as in life, the motivations of individuals inform the decisions they make and their choice to engage with the motivations and incentive prompts of your marketing story. Promotional merchandise gives the large scale message your general advertising sends to the market the necessary small, localised scale meaning for it to engage with the personal motivations of the individual elements which combine to form a "market".

An overall strategy which integrates the right promotional products with your overarching message delivery strategy adds the personal touch often missing in modern business communications and permits you to unlock the hidden value of your brand. General advertising activity can create enquiry and one-off sales for your company but long-term profits and the stability of sales through good and bad periods comes from strong business relationships. The act of personal gifting and the consideration which underlies the selection and presentation of the right branded promotional products is a proven way to maximise the long-term effectiveness of your marketing spend.