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Why Use Promotional Products?

Almost daily the news cites economic indices quantifying business confidence. In our experience there is no better predictor of general business confidence than the level of promotional products enquiry. When times are tough promo gear is the first thing dropped from budgets. When the economy begins to grow, improved cash flow encourages the loosening of purse strings and increased stock uptake.


Many companies prefer to control their fate and deny the whims of the market. These companies spend their annual budgets oblivious to the bad news around them. You find the most confident organisations ride out tough times better than those which retreat and look to others for reasons to invest.


On the surface it makes sense to spend less on advertising in tough times. But to make the most of your potential to engage the market in anticipation of an up-turn you need to look outwards to the motivations of those with whom you deal.Be the change you want in the economy. Promotional products provide elevated return on investment because they are a personal gesture. Using branded items for personal engagement as part of a larger awareness strategy gives you a multi-tiered opportunity to influence the future.


150 Years of Generating Sales & Building Relationships

The promotional products industry started in small town USA over 150 years ago. A chaff bag manufacturer at one end of Coshocton Ohio persuaded local businessmen to buy "book bags" complete with printed details of their business. In short notice the idea took off and a rival opened at the other end of town. Competitive pressure led to innovation and economies of scale and a new industry was born. in 2013 the value of promotional merchandise sold in the USA reached a record 22.3 billion dollars. As a percentage of communication budgets, American companies invest almost 5 times more in branded merchandise than their Australian counterparts.


Promotional Products Have a Place in Every Marketing Strategy

An overall strategy which integrates the right promotional products with your overarching message delivery strategy adds the personal touch often missing in modern business communications and permits you to unlock the hidden value of your brand. General advertising activity can create enquiry and one-off sales for your company but long-term profits and the stability of sales through good and bad periods comes from strong business relationships. The act of personal gifting and the consideration which underlies the selection and presentation of the right branded promotional products is a proven way to maximise the long-term effectiveness of your annual marketing spend.


Promotional Products Brisbane

Some markets respond better than others to merchandise based marketing and promotion. In Brisbane, for instance, the simple rural attitude of much of the population ensures that value added promotions are effective in garnering consumer support. It pays to know your market and the moticvations of the individual consumers within it. These days the Queensland market is one of the fastest growing and most readily accessed in the nation. If you;re looking for a way to connect your brand with the people of Australia test marketing through using promotional products in Brisbane is a proven way to test the receptivity of consumers. To learn more about the specific needs of Brisbane consumers and the styles of products which work effectively contact Fresh on 1800 129 999.


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Custom Promotional Products Manufacturing Service

Sourcing custom promotional products might sound like a complicated way to proceed, but there are many strong reasons why you should consider this approach to sourcing your promotional collateral. Many large Australian companies and marketing organisations have already developed their own signature lines of branded merchandise using the Fresh Promotions custom design and manufacturing services


A few recent examples of of a custom made promotional products we have worked on for national clients is shown below. In each case, Fresh Promotions took the development project from design brief to manufactured sample within 30 days. Some of the completed custom products were shipped to different countries for use in an international promotions backed by major domestic and international television advertising campaigns. Other items were simply used as staff rewards or to say a simple and cost effective "thank you" to clients. Whatever the objective, budget and planned outcome, the clients which have sourced using the custom production service have all found that the end result was one of the most successful marketing activities in which they had engaged.


Gourmet Garden "Inner Chef" Fridge Tray Promotion

Gourmet Garden is a well know national brand in Australia which is regularly promoting its brand in the media. Their secret process used to preserve herbs in an easily used tube has seen their product gain shelf space and market share around the world.


To support their new national television advertising campaign and encourage consumers to visit their website and subscribe to the weekly recipe newsletter Gourmet Garden came to Fresh to ask our advice on the development and production of a product which would work enhance brand values and encourage incremental sales. Eventually the Gourmet Garden campaign was successfully rolled out across four countries.


American Impressionists Printed Drinkware

The touring exhibition "American Impressionists" was recently in Australia and Fresh Promotions was approached by a major state art gallery to produce a range of mugs and tea cups printed with the headlining works which could be sold to attendees. Obviously reproducing the finest paintings in the collection on ceramics, to the satisfaction of the gallery managers was no easy task, however the final range of coffee mugs and tea cups with saucers was given a big elephant stamp by the arts authorities. The printed coffee mugs are now on sale and the reaction of the public has been to buy them all so another run is already in production. The successful completion of these printed mugs and cups is another example of the quality of the branding available through Fresh Promotional Products.


Colgate Palmolive Custom Flash Drives

Colgate Palmolive is one of world's major marketing organisations and they came to Fresh Promotions looking for a convenient and novel way to transfer pricing files and product information to clients. The 3D moulded flash drive we designed and created has been a huge hit with clients and the plan is to use similarly detailed models of a range of other products to pass information through to Colgate Palmolive's client base. Not only do custom moulded flash drives add value to the data you are handing over, they are also cheap and easy to mail, cost effective and an environmentally friendly alternative to printed catalogues. Only problem for Palmolive is that their customers keep asking for more every time the reps visit.


These custom flash drives are proving to be a popular and high value promotional gift. With a minimum production run of only 300 units and low molding fees it is possible to create a highly targeted promotional idea for perhaps 10% more than buying a generic product. As you can see from the Palmolive bottle sample it is possible to recreate an entire product and make it into a valuable and genuinely useful promotional item. Not only does the scale model reproduction of the product or logo keep it as a tangible reminder of your presence, but by being able to upload data and catalogs onto the flash memory stick your product information and capabilities are always close at hand.


BCU "Scoot" Custom Money Boxes

BCU - is the largest credit union on the East Coast of Australia. Their marketing team contacted us, Interested in a quote and detailed information to produce promotional money boxes in the shape of their new dog mascot character. After initially inquiring about 1,300 units for a planned marketing event, BCU Marketing were impressed with the development work progress and increased their order quantity to 2,000 units.


After final pre-production samples were produced the money boxes were approved for mass production. Feedback from the staff and branches on the sample was so good, BCU again increased quantity to the final production run of 4,150 units.

The final delivery was made on time and "Scoot" the dog has quickly become a well recognised and loved character who will forever be tied to the BCU brand.


Visa Payclick Custom Stress Reliever Shapes

Visas new Payclick system marketing team approached Fresh to develop a product which was cheap and cheerful to promote a new quick pay system for Visa users. After seeing the little monster which had been developed as the program mascot it was an obvious recommendation to take the logo itself into the real world and produce custom stress balls featuring the cheeky little devil.


Who wouldn't love to have that rascally little critter on their desk or peering over the top of their computer monitor. As you can see from the image the final product was a great quality piece of manufacture for the price. As we speak, many thousands of these creatures are stuck to the desks of hard working Visa clients around the nation.


Calloway Golf Legacy Custom Golf Bag Tags and Luggage Tags

Anyone who plays golf knows that Calloway is a premium brand so when they came to us to design a high-end gift to promote the launch of a new range it was only natural we'd recommend our custom manufacture service. Made from premium quality genuine leather and cast metal these custom made golf bag tags were produced in only limited numbers but made a genuine impression with the market. Although they are obviously a very complex design - a custom design which when they first called Calloway didn't even think would be achievable without some manufacturing/engineering guidance. Fresh nailed the final item and client feedback has been as good as it could be - they keep coming back for more.

Jack Daniel's Custom Les Paul Electric Guitars


The electric guitar is one of the iconic products of the 20th century. So much of youth and musical culture is based on the sounds produced by the electric guitar and it makes sense for a marketing organisation to take advantage of the emotional association most people have with the music of their youth or of their favourite musicians and bands. The advantage of using a large scale promotional product like this is that apparent high value of the item and the fact it can work as a display or a piece of point-of-sale advertising in addition to its main role of changing consumer behaviour and enhancing perceptions.


Call Fresh Promotions Now to Discuss Your Custom Merchandise Idea

Using custom designed collateral is a great way to create a unique market image and position for your company and its products. A custom made product which can only be obtained from your company, which highlights the product and service advantages of your organisation has proven over the years to be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. Of course, it all comes down to sourcing the right product and ensuring quality is maintained.


To discuss your ideas for custom made products, give one of our experts a call right now on 1800 129 999. Sourcing your own quality product is a lot more cost effective than you might think With our production management systems and free custom design service there's nothing stopping you taking your promotional sourcing to the next level.

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