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Fresh Promotions Artwork Requirements

See the slogan "Your Logo Never Looked Better"? We take a lot of care in printing, engraving or embroidering your logo or message on our industry leading range of Promotional Products. To brand your promotional products properly we have to have the correct form of electronic art.


The preferred file type for most promotional products branding is an .eps file. These files allow us to accurately manipulate logos and the elements which they are comprised of to resize without any loss of quality, detail or accuracy, ensuring the best possible reproduction of your logo on your choice of promotional products. The result is the best possible print job for your promotional products order.


Vectorised Artwork

(.eps, .ai or CorelDRAW files)

These are ideal files for the correct printing and reproduction of your logo on promotional products. We do what we can to reillustrate logos when we receive basic files. But it is a time consuming task, and reillustrating your logo costs from $35 to $250 to reillustrate depending on its complexity. The bonus is that we will then give you a copy of the file you've paid for which will be useful if you ever want to do any printing, signage or design work with your logo, or any other branding other than your promotional products order.


JPEG(.jpg) Files

jpg files are okay for embroidery on promotional products such as hats or promotional caps, but they have to be reillustrated for printing and engraving of metallic promotional products. A high res .jpg file can also be used for printing digital or offset printing jobs, though it is not a preferred file type for most logo reproduction on promotional products.


PDF Files

.pdf files are becoming the industry standard for offset and digital printing. They have only limited use for printing physical merchandise. A .pdf file is fine for embroidery but we have to reillustrate a .pdf logo if printing or engraving is required.


Doc Files and Text Files

Microsoft files can be worked with, but they are the least desirable file. If it's simple we may be able to work with it. A complex logo will need to be reillustrated to an .eps file.


One Time Artwork and Set-Up Fee

We really hate charging the set-up fee. It's not a profit centre for us because we only pass on the set-up cost of $75 per colour. For laser engraving and embroidery there is a single $75 charge.


Choosing the right Colour Printing

One of the most commonly made errors in the supply of promotional products is to print a logo on a background colour which does not bring out the logo or design you have chosen. Commonly a dark colour printed on a dark background gives a poor result. Another issue which often arises is the problem of a seemingly light colour merging with the colour which is being printed. For instance, you may be printing a dark gray on green. This sounds like an effective colour combination however it is quite possible that the gray will be lost on the green background.


This issue is particularly common when printing promotional garments and other promotional items. As there is such a wide range of colours and styles of garments available you must be very careful in choosing both the colour of your logo and the position in which it will appear on the garment. It is always advisable when printing or embroidering promotional garments to discuss the project in advance with your printer or promotional garments supplier whose experience with the garment and the print or embroidery process will likely provide you with useful information and ensure you are happy with the final promotional products order.


When it comes to pad printing and laser engraving the issue of making your branding standout is more clear-cut. With laser engraving it is generally possible to achieve a contrast finish from the background colour purely by the process of the engraving which can anneal or modify the surface of the material in question. Where a colour already exists on the promotional item you have chosen the laser engraving process can reduce the colour creating a useful contrast which will highlight the added branding.


Always make sure when you choose an item that it will compliment your logo and company message. If you are unsure about how your logo or branding will appear feel free to ask us here at Fresh Promotions the best way possible to present your brand to your public and clients.