Custom Belt Buckles & Promotional Belt Buckles

Amongst the thousands of popular ideas on offer custom made belt buckles are one of the most well received and appreciated lines. As a way to reward staff for successful completion of a project, to honour the workforce for achieving safety goals or to hand out to corporate visitors and VIPs custom promotional belt buckles are popular and exclusive. Worn as a badge of honour or as a working man's trophy of achievement a belt buckle is both a practical solution to the age old problem of keeping your pants up and as a visible symbol of achievement and membership.

Take advantage of our free custom belt buckle design service and have your logo, branding or favourite product made into a sought after symbol of the commitment of your staff to the company. FREECALL 1800 129 999 to talk to a consultant.

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15 products

15 products

Why Use Belt Buckles In Promotional Activity?

Belt buckles are front facing and stand out pieces, and while a belt will hold an outfit together, it’s the buckle that truly makes the belt. The flashiness of a belt buckle as it is worn with a person’s attire is what makes these products useful in marketing a particular brand; belt buckles command a certain level of attention. A belt buckle may also be worn in an office setting, while a person is out going about their daily business, or at the home to keep their belt in place. The many uses for belt buckles is what gives them the ability to appeal to many different types of people, allowing them to reach a wide audience, so a particular brand can be seen by an unlimited number of individuals.

The sturdy materials that typically go into creating a belt buckle also gives them a long lifespan, and many belt buckles can be used with different types of belts. In order to transfer a belt buckle to a different belt, one will normally simply have to remove the buckle and place it on a preferred belt, giving these products many different ways in which they can be worn. There are customisable belt buckles that are made for use with fabric belts, leather belts, and any other type of belt a person may desire to wear.

The versatility of a belt buckle also allows this to be a flexible promotional gift or marketing tool. While these are excellent items for employees, they also make great corporate gifts, and just about any industry can appreciate using a well-made and attractive belt buckle for their personal marketing needs. Those in the fashion industry can particularly appreciate the use of a belt buckle in marketing, as these are products well-known to bring a style element to any ensemble.

Manufacture & Branding?

Because belt buckle selections are so varied, the ways in which different belt buckles are manufactured and how they may be branded will be different from piece to piece. The style, shape, and branding options are varied to allow for complete customisation, and there are high end options as well as more affordable options depending on personal needs.

Most belt buckles are made of die cast metal and other similar materials to give them a solid and high quality feel as well as a longer lifespan. With die casting, branding options are very flexible. Metal options range from brass to pewter, and different looks can be achieved by choosing different metals.

Promotional Belt Buckles Case Study

A brand selling western goods gave their employees a branded belt buckle to wear while working in their retail establishments. Customers liked the belt buckles so much that the brand began selling them as part of their own inventory.

Shipping & Distribution

Custom belt buckles are often weighty, and this can cause them to be somewhat expensive to ship. For personal presentation, it is often best to distribute these products by hand.

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