Custom Printed Breeze Barriers & Cafe Barriers

A common site around cafes and outdoor dining areas these days, breeze barriers, or as they're sometimes known cafe barriers, are a cost effective signage solution. Favoured by coffee and beverage companies the high visibility and practical value a breeze barrier offers has seen their use increase dramatically in recent years. Check your local council laws on their use and display, however in general they attract less official attention than other external signs.

You don't have to be a traditional supplier of product to restaurants and cafes to take advantage of marketing opportunities a custom breeze barrier offers. As the name suggest they're not all about signage, and offer protection from the weather and act as a recognisable boundary defining dining areas. Available from 1 metre to 3 metres in size and in several frame formats and with your choice of print options there's something for every purpose. Take advantage of the opportunities recognised by the big guns in marketing and speak with a Fresh Promotions consultant about the best way your company can leverage an investment in promotional breeze barriers.

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2 products

2 products

Guide to Using Breeze Barriers In Promotional Activity

Breeze barriers can help to section off outdoor eating areas or service lines, and the very noticeable nature of these items allows them to be excellent settings for marketing. A breeze barrier can be thought of as a small standing sign, and these long rectangular shaped products have the ability to showcase a brand’s message in a way sure to get it recognised by vast audiences.

A breeze barrier can also make outdoor eating areas more comfortable, and as guests sit to enjoy a meal or beverage, the barriers can block uncomfortable breezes from making their way into the area. While sitting down, the breeze barriers will also be at a very comfortable eye level, allowing them to be seen effortlessly as patrons enjoy their breeze blocking ability.

While these may be best used by those in the hospitality industry, breeze barriers can also be appreciated by any brand that may have an outdoor service line or seating area which could benefit from the products. As customers wait in a line, and their eyes search for things to stimulate them and make the time go by faster, the branding placed on the breeze barriers marking the line can be observed and placed into one’s memory.

Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

Breeze barriers are manufactured using a sturdy steel or aluminium frame as well as thick cut high gloss paper or fabric materials in order to make up the sign area. These products can be manufactured in multiple sizes, and a brand’s desired use will often determine the size that is most appropriate. For outdoor eateries, the larger size is often better appreciated as this will allow the section to be cordoned off more affordably. For service lines, a breeze barrier in a smaller size may work more effectively.

The sign area on a breeze barrier acts as an all over print area, and this is the space reserved for the printing of a brand logo, promotion, or design. Both the back and front sides of a breeze barrier may be printed in order to allow those in all directions to see the product’s printed band images.

For full and noticeably imagery, full colour digital printing is used within the print areas to allow for a crisp and clean aesthetic appeal. This method of branding is able to recreate any photo or design into the images placed on the breeze barrier, and this allows for the products to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Promotional Case Study

A café with an outdoor eatery used breeze barriers to line their outdoor dining region as a way to section off the area for customers only. Printed on these breeze barriers were photos and descriptions of some of the establishment’s most popular menu options, and this caused the dishes and beverages to soar in terms of sales.

Shipping & Distribution

Shipping breeze barriers to other locations can be difficult and costly due to their size, and both the smaller and larger options require a heavy metal frame.

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