Custom Cloth Patches & Badges

Using custom cloth patches iare a great value branding idea which is more popular overseas than Australia. Patches are a hard wearing promotional branding item which make great mementoes for conferences, events and gatherings of like minded individuals. The wide range of custom cloth patch styles available here are ideal for use on staff uniforms, on bags or as a neat branding alternative to traditional embroidery of bags and garments. Long favoured by the military, a custom made cloth patch is lightweight and doesn't make any noise when you're trying to stay undercover, unlike a more traditional manufactured metal style

A custom made commemorative cloth patch is a cheap option for a completion gift or for a mine or engineering project and is a great way to produce an exclusive and lasting memory. Needless to say sporting and special interest clubs are already aware of the large scale cost effective branding opportunities available using embroidered cloth badges to identify members and reward their individual achievement. Think of the Scouts and their cloth merit badge awards system. You can take advantage of the same effect.

A range of cloth badge styles are available from custom woven which are of the highest quality with the greatest level of detail through to standard square shaped and round cloth styles which sit easily with others recipients may have collected and work well on the sleeve or breast of a garment. Free design service available for these products

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7 products

7 products

Why Use Cloth Patches in Marketing?

Promotional cloth patches are inexpensive marketing items that allow for great visibility. A cloth patch may be used to join together members of a group or organisation, and they can be placed on a great deal of different locations. Some popular places where one may place a cloth patch to ensure they are shown are on backpacks, hats, personal garments, or company uniforms.

A cloth patch may be used to mark an achievement or to show pride in one's status within a group, and this is done frequently in both boy and girl scout troops. Also, these patches make inexpensive and effective gifts for sports teams to give to fans on a promotional game night, or to use in further supporting the team during an important match. A cloth patch may even be given to members of a club or group to further unify the team and allow them to easily represent one organisation.

Which Industries Appreciate Cloth Patches?

Industries such as security or military groups appreciate cloth patches to help to show ranks or achievement, but there are many different industries that can use branded patches. Sports teams can use cloth patches to commemorate an anniversary within the team, or to give to fans as an extra promotional item given with the purchase of a ticket. For commemorative pieces outside of the sporting realm, these patches can be given to employees of a company involved in a certain important conference or meeting to not only show pride in their company, but to improve company unity during the course of the event. Cloth patches may also be used to brand other promotional garments, such as hats or backpacks, which may be given to customers or clients.

Branding & Manufacture

Cloth patches are made from high quality dyed cotton, and they may be either woven or embroidered to create a brand design. While nearly any desired artwork can be made into a cloth patch, the issue sometimes arises with the level of detail able to be cleanly shown. A woven patch will typically allow for the greatest amount of detail within a product.

Nearly any desired design can be used to create a completely custom woven or embroidered cloth patch. The artwork used in designing these patches is digitised, and in order to most closely match the design, high quality cotton colours are used to add to the vibrancy.

Case Study

An American engineering company was holding a conference in Australia in order to promote both mining equipment and services. Each attendee who tried one of their promoted machines was given a cloth patch to wear on a garment or hat, and these rapidly grew interest in the machinery.

Shipping & Distribution

Due to a light weight and low volume, these patches are particularly simple to ship. Many orders may even be able to be shipped anywhere in Australia for around $20.

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