Promotional Coffee Gift Sets

A favourite beverage is a bit part of many people day so a promotional coffee gift set is a way to get the attention and appreciation of a large part of the market. With a range of different styles, including various price points there is a coffee gift idea here for every segment of your market. Whether their favourite is coffee or tea, consumed on the run or at their desk, from a ceramic or a metal mug the ability to mix and match the contents of these branded coffee gift sets gives you the flexibility to customise the options.

As employee appreciation a coffee set promises a return in higher caffeine fuelled activity. As an offering to clients the evidence you care enough to contribute to their daily enjoyment has as much positive impact as the value and quality of the gift itself. Call us now to find out more about promotional coffee gift sets branded with your company logo. Available for delivery anywhere in Australia. FREECALL 1800 129 999 to discuss the product options with an expert.

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6 products

6 products

Why Using Coffee Gift Sets Work In Promotional Marketing

A coffee gift set can be appreciated by varied audiences, and those working in corporate offices to those who simply like to enjoy their coffee at home can benefit from the use of a high quality coffee set. Because many people enjoy at least 1 cup of coffee each day, when these products are branded, the company logo or name adorning the set will be seen on a very regular basis, making these pieces also very useful when it comes to marketing. Those in the hospitality industry, those in agriculture, or those in an unrelated field such as those in the tech industry can all appreciate the use of a coffee set in marketing, as their audiences, as varied as they are, may still enjoy a fresh cup of coffee to start out their mornings.

Coffee gifts sets that come with coffee flasks or travel mugs are often the best sets to choose when trying to reach a marketing goal, as these will be able to travel with their users to the workplace, to a recreational activity, or simply while running errands, and this creates many different opportunities in which the branding placed on the items may be seen. Reaching the largest audience possible is never an unwise idea when it comes to marketing a brand, and a product that will see regular travel will often attract this type of attention.

Manufacture & Branding Options

Coffee gifts sets can vary depending on a brand’s individual needs, and each set may be made from different materials. The mugs, flasks, or coffee plungers included in these sets may be made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, glass, or stainless steel, with some material options being more inexpensive than others.

For an affordable coffee set option, porcelain mugs with stainless steel accessories provide both function and aesthetic. These porcelain mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe to provide convenience, while sturdy to ensure many years of satisfactory use. Branding may be placed on these sets using a pad printing process to apply a company logo directly onto each item.

Stainless steel sets make excellent corporate gifts, and these sleek options are built to last. With mugs a well as a coffee plunger, a recipient has all they need to prepare their favourite brews either at home or in the office. An elegant and long lasting laser engraving is used to place branding on these sets to ensure a company’s logo remains visible for the entire life of the set.

Promotions Case Study

A coffee brand with a new rewards program offered branded coffee sets to customers able to achieve a certain point level from purchases. The coffee sets became so popular that their rewards store was unable to keep them in stock. As customers used their sets with guests, others began signing up for the rewards program stating that they had a goal of earning a set of their own.

Shipping, Handling & Distribution

Coffee sets are often bulky, and some that are manufactured using glass or porcelain may be fragile which can cause some shipping difficulties. In order to ensure the product makes it to the recipient in the best condition, hand distribution may be found to be the most convenient and affordable method.

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