Compressed T Shirts

The only thing better than a free tee shirt is a free tee shirt compressed into a shape which is easy to handle and distribute. While nobody doubts the power and popularity of printed tee shirts as a packaged item, they can presentation value. by compressing a quality tee shirt into the shape of your logo or favoured product and applying a full coloured printed facing panel you have "wow" at the point of delivery and "wow" when the garment is worn.

Made of 100% natural cotton with your choice of up to 4 colour custom screen printing, the range of custom printed compressed tee shirts is ideal if you're looking for a great value product which can be used anytime, anywhere. If your company has unexpected visitors on occasion and you'd like to present them with a meaningful and appreciated, the effective novelty value of compressed tee shirts will not only intrigue recipients but for years after when wearing the garment your relationship will be enhanced. To get a full rundown on tee shirts sizing, branding and compression to your custom shape FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

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10 products

10 products

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