Gel Stress Reliever Balls & Stress Relief Toys

For real stress situations you need to go for a top shelf solution. These gel stress relieving balls are shipped direct from the USA where as we no they have a lot to worry about! these soft, squishy gel filled stress shapes are unlike the usual foam rubber models; they can be warped to substantially change shape and the more you can change their shape the more stress you'll feel fall away. Stress balls are often an over used promotional idea when a company fails to look more deeply into the marketing challenges it faces. Gel relieving stress balls are an inspired choice in such a situation and won't join the dusty collection of other stress relievers relegated to the bottom drawer of a desk.

Filled with a non-toxic silicone filled liquid gel the range of gel stress reliever toys are general supplied with one colour print because of the flexible substrate, it's difficult to get a satisfactory print result attempting to apply to colours. Let the gel stress toy do the talking; apply subtle branding and FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a consultant about availability and delivery.

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Guide to Using Gel Stress Toys In Promotional Activity

Gel stress toys provide an entirely new aesthetic and feel to the classic stress shape or toy. These products are filled with soft, but resistant, gel materials that allow them to be squeezed in an effort to relieve stresses both mental and physical, and placing branding on these products is an inexpensive way to gain a brand some very positive exposure.

When giving a gel stress shape, a brand can relay an idea of caring for their recipients, as these are products meant to improve the health and well-being of those using them. This feeling of caring can then allow a brand to be associated with a considerate nature in the minds of their audience, gaining them positive exposure and a compassionate impression.

Brands in all industries can use a gel stress shape for promotional purposes, and these shapes can take many forms to create a piece that connects with the brand it is representing. Hearts, sports balls, spheres, and stars are just some of the designs available with these items, and a brand has the ability to choose a shape that relates to their company, allowing a recipient to be reminded of not only the brand name but what industry they are in as well, each time they use their item.

Gel stress toys are affordable items within the marketing budget reach of brands of all sizes. A brand has the ability to partake in widespread distribution, if they should choose, using these products without any worry of breaking a marketing budget.

Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

Unlike other stress shapes which may be made of a foam or rubber material, gel stress shapes are made of water-tight materials and a soft gel that allows these to feel natural in the hand. Gel stress shapes with special textures, such as those that contain small balls, are also available for a unique look and feel.

Pad printing is used to brand promotional gel stress shapes or toys, and this method gives a brand the opportunity to print their logo or name in a range of colours on their items. While often one colour option is available, this colour may be chosen personally by a brand to create an item that remains visible and perfectly represents them. The print area on these pieces, which is reserved for branding, may be located on the top, side, or front face of the item depending on the chosen product’s shape.

Promotional Case Study

A health food store held a promotion where they gave a gel stress toy to customers who purchased over a certain amount in their store. These stress toys were branded with the shop’s name and logo, and customers were very pleased to accept these gifts with purchase. After the promotion had ended, the store had received so many inquiries about the stress shapes that they had begun selling them in the shop as part of their inventory.

Shipping & Distribution

For a personal connection, handing these products directly to recipients is often best; however, they may be shipped affordably due to their size and weight.

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