Promotional Golf Balls with Custom Print

Customised golf balls can be a fun way for you to get the word out about your company to the sports fans that you know. There are so many different solutions that you will find for your marketing needs with our sporting goods department and it is up to you to make sure that you get everything that you deserve for less. It doesn't matter what you are looking for because we have a vast selection of products and solutions that will suit your needs. Let us help you get more from your marketing and branding with sports items that will get people's attention and give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

We have a full selection of balls that you can choose from along with other sports items that your customers will love when it comes to freebies. You can build your brand in so many ways and make sure that you provide people with gifts that they will love, no matter what your goals are with promotional marketing. Check out the selection of golf balls that we have on hand and see just how many ways you can customise things so that you get everything that you need for less.

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13 products

13 products

Guide to Using Golf Balls In Promotional Activity

Branded golf balls can be used to market for a golf course, club, or accessory manufacturer, or they can be used to impress clients or partners on a business golf outing, making these small and affordable promotional gifts appropriate for marketing a variety of different industries.

While those who may own golf courses or work in the business of sporting goods can obviously benefit from promoting with branded golf balls, those in other industries can appreciate the products as well. A brand that works in the tech or financial industries, or any type of corporate office, can use these products to impress guests on a business related trip to a course, and this can help to get their brand names associated with relaxation and pleasure as well. As the recipient uses their golf balls during a game, and enjoys themselves, it will be the branding on the items that sticks out in their mind, placing the brand synonymously with the emotions they may be feeling.

Golf balls are affordable to brand, and these are products that are within the budget reaches of brands of all sizes. Even in cases of wide distribution, such as a full company golf outing, these balls may be supplied as gifts for an inexpensive price.

Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

Promotional golf balls are built with a sturdy construction on the outside, and mixed compressed materials on the inside, to allow them to fly further and straighter than ever before. These golf balls come from a vast array of different well-known golf ball manufactures, and the pieces are held in a strong cardboard ball box or tube perfect for keeping the balls safe when not in use.

The print area can be placed on the golf balls individually or on the boxes they are kept in, and both options allow for a great deal of visibility. By branding individual golf balls, a brand is able to put their mark on each product individually, allowing their logo or name to be viewed each time a ball is used. By placing branding on the packages the balls come in, the brand will then have their logo displayed in a highly noticeable location both while the balls are resting or in use.

Pad printing is often used to apply branding to promotional golf balls, and this method provides a way for brands to display their imagery in durable colour.

Promotional Case Study

On a corporate golf outing, a financial firm gave their clients branded golf balls to use while on the course, and their recipients were highly impressed by the gesture. During the course of the day, the logos on the balls remained visible, and the positive experience led to a new contract business contract being signed.

Shipping & Distribution

Branded golf balls can be shipped affordably to a desired recipient, as these products remain lightweight even in large numbers. In order to make a maximum impact, however, giving these to recipients by hand is often recommended.

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