Leather Flash Drives & USBs

Custom branded leather flash drives combine the advantages of simple data storage and retrieval with a stylish and traditionally designed casing which allows them to be successfully used as gift items. Everyone uses USB memory sticks these days and a Leather cased model adds a high-end touch which elevates them above their cheaper flash drive cousins. Going the extra yard to supply leather case USB sticks is a proven way to get your offering preferred over the drive provided by the competition.

Branding these leather USB styles is a simple matter. The stylish casings of the range mean it's best to offer a branding style which highlights and emphasises the unique aspects of the leather products. With a choice of either black or brown leather finishes the usual print options are on the tabs as well as the possibility of embossing the leather pieces in the case construction to provide a subtly branded memory stick offering. In a range of memory capacity sizes from 1gb to 8gb there's a leather option available which will help your promotion standout for the crowd.

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10 products

10 products

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