Promotional Leather Keyrings & Key Tags

If you're looking for something a little bit different with a touch of exclusivity perhaps one of our leather keyring range is the right promotional product for you. Leather speaks of exclusivity and the natural leather range of keyrings on offer here can be provided with either embossing, pad printing or in some cases laser engraving, depending on your preferred usage. Complete with gift boxes you can make your keyring gift stand out from the other cheaper models on offer.

It's not just car dealers and real estate agents than can take advantage of the styles of keyring available here, as a high end gift or a personal offering to business contacts these items are most likely to find regular use and like all good leather products wear into a shape that fits the user. If you have any questions about the custom leather keyring range FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak to a key account manager.

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8 products

8 products

Why Use Leather Keyrings In Marketing?

A leather keyring is a keyring that can truly make an impression, as it is created using materials prized on their durability and element of style. Promotional leather keyrings make an excellent addition to a corporate gift package, as well as a stand-alone item, providing a brand with options in just how they wish to market using these products.

Leather key rings may come in strap or tag shapes, or they can represent a particular industry. A leather keyring with a home shape could be used by a construction business or real estate agency as a way to remind recipients not only of their name, but what their business is as well. Leather keyrings with functional uses may also be branded, and these are often the most effective pieces when it comes to gaining attention. A wallet like case or a key pouch made of faux or genuine leather can give a recipient a way to keep their keys optimally safe while also being reminded of a brand, which will cause the recipient to associate the brand with a level of safety or security.

Those in any industry, from fashion to finance, may appreciate marketing using a branded leather keyring, as these products are highly customisable and able to appeal to a wide range of individuals.

Manufacture & Branding

Exotic leathers, sturdy leathers, and faux leather may be used to manufacture a leather keyring, and a brand’s personal preferences or budget will often determine just which material option is best suited for their branding. The ring portion on each piece will be made from a high quality metal, such as aluminium or steel, in order to keep the keyring working properly for as long as possible.

The print areas on leather keyrings will typically be placed on the broad side of the item to allow for maximum visibility. If the item should have a steel or metal shaped plate in the centre, laser engraving may be used in this location to allow for an elegant branding effect.

For leather keyrings of all leather, pad printing is typically used to place branding onto the face of each item. Pad printing gives a brand the opportunity to adorn a piece with a full colour print to allow the branding to stand out against the sleek dark leather stage created by the keyring material.

Leather Keyring Promotional Case Study

A company in the business of leather goods chose to market their brand using leather keyrings. With the purchase of a jacket, bag, or other leather item, a leather keyring was given to customers during a special promotion that included the company’s name, logo, and contact information. After the promotion, the brand found that many of their new customer calls and inquiries were prompted by these keyrings, and they decided to host the promotion again during the start of the following season.

Shipping & Distribution

The size and weight of leather keyrings allows them to be shipped or hand distributed easily, as they can be just as conveniently packaged or carried in a small bag or backpack.

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