Promotional Scarves with Custom Branding

Promoitonal scarves are an ideal way to show your support for a sporting team you sponsor while providing individuals with a genuinely useful item which can be used for many years to come. The different styles of promotional scarves available range from something as simple as a plain woollen scarf with an embroidered logo, right through to custom woven football scarves which you'd see on the terraces at the biggest Premier League games.

If you have a specific promotional scarf style or design in mind, give one of our consultants a call right now on 1800 129 999 to talk with them about our free custom scarf design service.

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8 products

8 products

Why Use Scarves In Marketing?

A scarf can make all the difference when it comes to either fashion or function, giving these products an unlimited audience. During the cooler months, men, women, and children frequently wear scarves to keep the chill from their necks, and some will even wear them in the warmer months as fashion pieces to complete their outfits, making these promotional items able to be appreciated by a multitude of different industries and recipients.

The placement of a scarf around one’s neck, and often down their chest, gives these items a great deal of visibility. As a person wears their scarf, the logo emblazoned on the piece will be in the direct line of sight of anyone who walks by or speaks with the recipient, making the branding very noticeable to all they may interact with on a daily basis. Often, due to their level of comfort, people will also travel with scarves when going to a cooler location or waiting in chilly airports, making these excellent promotional products to use when wanting to market to a wider and more global audience.

Those in the sporting goods industries to those in the fashion industry can market their brand effectively with the use of a creatively branded scarf.

Manufacture & Branding

Different materials and branding options are available with promotional scarves, and all budgets can be satisfied when promoting with these items. For an affordable and versatile promotional scarf material, acrylic yarn mixes are ideal. This material is not only inexpensive, but many different scarf shapes and designs can be created using this durable material. Acrylic blends are also typically washer friendly, allowing these to be very wearable scarves that recipients do not need to worry about damaging.

For a fashion scarf, silk is a popular option. Silk scarves are often used not only to keep a person warm, but to add a bit of fashionable flare to their outfit. Perfect for promoting fashion brands and retail establishments, these scarves often come in a large square shape great for tying in multiple ways.

As far as cold weather scarves go, fleece is an undeniably solid choice. The soft fleece materials used in these promotional scarves are sturdy, warm, and washable to allow them to see many years of use. Fleece scarves are a popular option for brands that cater to those who enjoy cold weather sports.

Scarves may be branded in many different ways, and a brand can place their logo all over on the scarf or in a single and simple easy to see location. Typically, branding is placed on each scarf by way of embroidery, knit, or screen printing.

Case Study - Using Promotional Scarves in Marketing

An outdoors company decided to give out promotional fleece scarves during their grand opening event in order to draw in new customers to their location. The scarf giveaway turned out to be so popular that the supply ran out long before the event was through, and recipients were often seen wearing their scarves locally for many years to follow.

Scarf Shipping & Distribution

Scarves may be shipped or hand distributed conveniently to recipients due to their ability to be packed easily and their lighter weight.

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