Security Wristbands & ID Wristbands

If you're holding an outdoor event security wristbands are an essential part of the crowd management and entry process. Many licensed premises require visual ID these days and the right colour coded security wristband is a simple way to see at a glance who should be on what side of the fence. Available in complex of simple plasticised paper styles the range here can be supplied with or without custom printing.

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4 products

4 products

Guide to Using Security Wristbands In Promotions

Branded security wristbands can allow entrance into certain events or certain sections of events while also promoting a brand, and these pieces are highly affordable and accessible to brands of all sizes. Those who best appreciate the use of security wristbands in marketing are those in the hospitality industries, beverage industries, or entertainment industries, and these can be seen often being worn at events of all kinds.

A security wristband is typically worn about the wrist while a person is out enjoying themselves at a concert, club, bar, or other public location, and this can give the branding placed on these items quite a bit of exposure. As recipients use their hands, walk around the area, or simply converse with friends, the wristbands will be able to be noticed easily by those they come into contact with.

For multi-day festivals and events, these can also be used to distinguish who may have tickets valid for single or multiple days of entry. Without needing to check tickets, and simply looking at the colour of the wristband instead, security personnel at a location will be able to determine who may belong in an area and who does not, as they also see the branding placed on the items.

A hospital may also use security wristbands to identify patients who may not have the ability to identify themselves, as well as to tell when and why a patient has been admitted.

Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

Security wristbands can be made in single use or multi day varieties, and these two types are typically made from different materials. Single use security wristbands will be made from a durable paper material that lasts as long as it is needed while being easy to remove, while wristbands made for multi day use will be made from a soft and comfortable plastic. Multi day security wristbands will also often stay on a person by way of a button mechanism, while single use varieties will attach around the wrist with an adhesive.

The print area on a security wristband will typically take up the band area of the product, and this allows the branding to be seen at all angles. The print area is the location where a brand’s logo or name will be printed, and this provides optimal viewing on these items. Screen printing is the most common print method used on security wristbands, and this process gives a brand a way to represent themselves in full colour.

Promotional Case Study

A concert being held in an outdoor stadium required attendees to wear security wristbands in order to allow security to avoid checking individual tickets. These wristbands were branded by the sponsor of the event, and their logo was shown in bold print on each piece. In social media photos and media reports of the concert, fans could be seen wearing the wristbands with the full printed logo plainly visible.

Shipping & Distribution

Security wristbands can be shipped easily and affordably to recipients should this method of distribution be necessary, or they can be carried easily in a bag or box to give out by hand.

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