Custom Printed Wheel & Tyre Covers

Sitting at the lights it's not hard to see how promotional tyre covers make an advertising splash. As well as doing their primary job, custom spare wheel covers are also a very effective advertising medium which is highly visible to other road users. Supplied with either full colour printing or with a simple decal, a branded spare wheel covers attached to the back of a 4WD is a cost effective way to get your brand moving while providing useful protection for a valuable vehicle asset.

You can use printed spare tyre covers to get your message out there and make the most of an otherwise under-utilised branding space. Or use them on your own company vehicles, as giveaways and incentives, sell them or hand them out as employee appreciation gifts. No matter your plan, printed wheel covers will return on your initial investment for years to come. Made of hard wearing, non-fading vinyl mud, rain, hail or shine these covers will stay in place on a 4WD or commercial vehicle, quietly spreading your message every time another car comes within visual range.

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5 products

5 products

Why use Promotional Tyre Covers?

A tyre cover is placed within a prime area on a vehicle for visibility, as they are located centrally on the back of a vehicle in order to cover the spare tire stored there. Due to this very noticeable location, tyre covers make ideal promotional items, as they are placed within an area often seen. Tyres and tyre covers are placed upon the back area of a vehicle in order to take advantage of space which may otherwise go unused. The purpose of a tyre cover is to protect this tire, as it will be exposed to a variety of potentially damaging factors if it goes uncovered while on the road.

A myriad of different industries can benefit from the use of promotional tyre covers, some being automotive companies, tyre companies, companies in the business of travel or accommodations, or companies that focus their efforts on environmental sustainability. Because spare tyres are often needed, and there is a wide number of car owners in Australia, these promotional products are able to reach far and wide in terms of appreciated use.

There are many ways in which a company may market their brand using tyre covers. If a business uses business related vehicles, they may adorn each vehicle with a tyre cover to create a uniform fleet of company cars. Manufacturers of caravans, trailers, or vehicles could also use tyre covers in branding each product they sell, or a giveaway could be held by a company in the tyre or automotive industry that awards customers or clients with their own branded tyre cover, thus creating a travelling billboard for the company.

Tyre Covers Custom Manufacture & Branding?

While the majority of tyre covers are made of polyurethane, covers made of higher quality materials are available and these are the best covers for protecting tyres during particularly rough conditions. The edging on each tyre cover, regardless of the material, is elasticised to keep the tyre cover securely in place while going down the road.

Personalised branding can be placed on a tyre cover by way of screen printing. If a company were to want a brighter and more colourful design, a multiple colour print can be created using a full colour digital printing method.

Different colour and size preferences can be catered to; a person may choose as little as 1 colour or an entire broad range of colours while personalising their branded tyre covers.

Tyre Covers Case Study

In one promotional tyre cover use, a local mechanic gave a tyre cover to all of his customers who came in to have their 4 wheel drive vehicles worked on, and with this cover also came a message to remind them that he specialises in servicing recreational vehicles.

Shipping & Distribution

Due to the bulkiness of tyre covers, these are promotional items best handed out personally rather than shipped. It is also important to note that they may only be used by individuals who have vehicles that allow for a spare tyre to be kept in plain view.

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