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Promotional Products Melbourne & Victoria


Melbourne has long been considered Australia's cultural and sporting capital. An unusual combination but one which the people of Melbourne have made into a lifestyle. With what many believe to be the worst climate in Australia, (though many in Tasmania might disagree) Melbournians are renowned for their style and as being the inhabitants of Australia's most European population centre.


While most of Australia enjoys a mild climate with predominately warm weather which is conducive to outdoor activities, the climate of Melbourne is not as benign, though many of the people who live there would tend to disagree. The endless national debate over the nature of Melbourne's climate relative to its great rival Sydney will not be resolved here but sufficient to say the variability of the weather and tendency towards the colder end of the national temperature range causes the good people of Melbourne to find comfort and satisfaction in a range of activities which are less popular with the rest of the nation.


With the population of Melbourne often engaged in indoor pursuits which are of less interest to the rest of the Australian population the opportunities for the promotional products marketer lie in selecting items which offer the discerning consumer something of style with genuine practical purpose. While this basic guideline is of value in choosing the right products it would be a mistake to overlook the cultural and sporting interests of the people of Victoria when making a promotional decision.