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10 Most Popular Lines of 2013

Most Popular Promotional Lines in 2013

Are you looking for some inspiration to find the best branded items for your company in 2014? Here's the top 10 list of 2013 favourites as voted for with their cheque books by Fresh Promotions clients. The list is based on the number of individual orders for each product class not unit volumes.

1. USB Flash Drives.

As the price keeps falling the memory capacity keeps rising. The most popular being those with a metal swivel arm printed rather than engraved. People like compact, one piece design.

2. Keyrings:

Good to see the classics just keep on going. Particularly the custom made keyring range which permits casting of individual shapes. Seemingly tunmoved by the march of new technology keyrings look like they're here to stay until somebody comes up with an electronic lock with mass appeal.

3. Pens:

No surprise promotional pens keep their place the list of most popular products. It's been happening since they were first discovered to be a great branding medium. Even with the advances in technology there's nothing like pen and paper to write a co-worker a quick note.

4. Lollies:

More companies every year are offering pre-packaged confectionery to their clients. Many buyers hand them out at point of sales as an emotional inducement. Others include a small lolly pack with an invoice in the hope of receiving prompt payment. Good luck!

5. Cotton Bags:

Bags are consistent sellers. Large branding area, small price, high utility. Cotton bags have become more popular for all the general bag reasons but have additional advantages which include natural cotton fibre fabric and wide appeal which extends brand visibility.

6. Mints

Mint cards have been a traditional promotional favourite. Small packs of breath mints have become more popular recently both as giveaways and small favours used by sales people to engage customers at retail.

7. Lanyards

With security issues continuing to be important lanyards to hold security cards and other ID essentials have become a promotional mainstay. While conference attendance has fallen in the last few years the slack has been picked up by domestic businesses using lanyards for branding and asset security.

8. Lapel Pins

A top ten product for the last twenty years, custom made lapel pins are a great value option which stand the test of time. With more consumers looking to expand their return on investment lapel pins  have become an important part of charity and corporate branding activity.

9. Pedometers:

Fitness campaigns are sweeping the nation, both government inspired activity and in house programs which management encourages by providing the gear required to facilitiate activity. Pedometers have also had a run with charities organising fun runs and walks. Cheap and cheerful they are a product class for which volumes look likely to increase in 2014.

10. Lip Balm:

It's been another dry winter and the Summer heat is upon us. Combining these two facts makes sense of the growth in lip balm sales in the last 12 months. Combined with the availability of quality products from the USA with full colour print, the personal touch is something more promoters are looking to achieve to stretch budgets further.

Your comments?

What was your favourite product in 2013? What is your favourite product of all time? We'd love to hear your opinion.

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