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Award Yourself With Custom Medallions

Think of the value applied to medallions and medals by society. Many people believe that a medal is worth the literal risking of life and limb. You don;t need to take it that far but you can trade off the same accumulated belief that medallions are gifts or awards which are valued far beyond the constituent parts of which they are composed.

For companies a custom medallion can be a cost effective way to reward staff or commemorate an event with significance for the organisation. Say the company achieves a sales milestone. handing our custom made medallions which have been designed to remind holders of the achievement is a cost effective way of engaging the workforce. As a medallion ordered in bulk may only cost a dollar or two the apparent value of such an offering is far higher than the cost. This as always is the secret to successful promotional marketing - to make an offer to recipients which has a higher perceived value than its cost.

One of the problems many companies or community organisations face is getting a medallion designed. Fortunately here at Fresh Promotions we also have that covered. using our Free Design Service our medallion experts are able to take your general brief on the elements you would like to see on each medallion and turn it into a finalised design which can be successfully manufactured. Just send us a sketch or even the text and the logo you'd like to see reproduced and leave the rest to us. We'll send you a manufacturing proof for approval before the actual medal or medallion is finally manufactured. You can see the complete range of custom medallion styles available, here.

There are many ways in which medallions can be manufactured. Die casting or die striking are the two most popular methods. The casting technique is cheaper and simpler to initiate and is recommended for smaller production runs. The die struck medallion system of manufacture is the same which is used for coinage and military medals. While the final finish of a die struck medallion is superior to die casting the difference is marginal and to the untrained eye there is little apparent variation between the two manufacturing techniques.

Remember also one of the most important considerations in promotional product marketing which is the longevity and usability of the item on ofer. Nobody will ever throw away a medallion. The psychological links with currency and the perceived value of the medallion ideal ensure that people will store your gift safely and that it may indeed become a treasured "heirloom" which lasts a life time. So be bold and have your marketing plan span the generation. Call Fresh Promotions right now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a custom medallion expert!

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