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While Baron Bich did not actually invent the ballpoint pen he was sensible enough to realise it's enormous potential to revolutionise the activity of personal writing. Prior to Bic's popularisation of the rolling ballpoint pen with its viscous ink reserve. While it was Laslo Biro who first came up with the idea of the small spherical ball delivering an even flow of ink to the medium he was unable to popularise the product and instead it was Marcel Bich who realised the enormous potential of the ballpoint pen which would eventually become one of the most popular promotional items in the world.

You can see the complete range of Bic promotional pens, here.

Today Bic produces a wide range of promotional pens which are provided with the best overprinting technologies available. While there are many thousands of competitors these days eating into the market for ballpoint pens which Bic created, the original Bic designs are hard to beat as is the quality of their manufacture, the longevity and smoothness of their refills and the feel of a pic pen where the plastic moulding has been completed to a higher standard than most others offering similar products.

The reason Bic promotional pens have continued to be enormously popular is the icon nature of the brand. For so many years so many people have been exposed to the traditional Bic promotional pen styles that they are as much a part of the business day as a computer screen or a photocopier. This is one of the reasons why applying your branding to Bic pens is a great way to provide a sought after and much appreciated promotional gift to clients and business contacts.

Consider for instance the classic "Bic Click" pen. This style was amongst the first in the world to feature a spring-driven retracting nib to protect against marking clothing or indeed damaging the business end of the pen. The simple click mechanism has become iconic and that's why everyone is still happy to use and carry this model when there are so many apparently more modern styles an deigns available. Consider for instance if your company is wanting to get awareness of a new website or telephone number. By handing our Bic click promotional pens at events or even doing something as simple as leaving a container full of them on display at the reception desk of the organisation and encouraging people to pick them up and take them away with them. Those pens will be in active service for at least a year to come given their long-life refills and easy-to carry formation. A simple and cost effective way to get people to take your contact details with them at all times, the Bic promotional pen range is unsurpassed by any other offerings from writing instrument manufacturers.

Next time your company is considering looking for promotional pens (see complete range, here) it's hard to go past the all-round popularity and excellence of design which is the Bic Pen. Since Baron Bich first happened upon the idea during the second world war the Bic pen has become a cultural and design icon of the twentieth century and is likely to continue to hold sway well into the new millennium.

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