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Big or Small, Branding Matters

Companies spend millions in marketing to create awareness of their brands and identity. Attention from the public and recognition of the existence and nature of the business of a company are powerful means by which its sales and reputation can be enhanced. While the products a company produces and sells are on the surface the driver of profitability and the traditional measures of success, it's not simply the exchange of revenue and product at the market coalface which defines the bottom line of the organisation. A wide range of intangible inputs can affect the final performance of any organisation so all aspects of marketing and brand support must be considered as contributing to the end result.

Consider for instance the complete range of marketing efforts which combine to create the overall brand reputation and ultimately consumer motivators for members of the public. These days this can be said to include anything which is part of the overarching marketing presentation of a company. From the printed plastic pens it provides distributors through to the architecture and street location of the corporate headquarters people will assess the subjective value of a company based on a basket of factors, some of which may indeed be outside the control of those said to be in charge of company marketing.

These days traditional advertising and marketing schedules have changed significantly. For instance some companies these days prefer to hire graffiti artists who can decorate inner city walls in a style which appeals to those who are conscious of the latest trends rather than pursue the traditional course of printing and hanging a piece of advertising design on a billboard or outdoor advertising site. By taking a traditional marketing approach and modifying it to reflect current cultural values the canny advertiser has brought their brand sights to bear on a market segment which is outside traditional definitions while creating an impression in the minds of any of those who get a chance to view the street artwork that the company responsible is both modern and innovative in its approach to providing the markets it supplies with quality merchandise.

The message to marketers is that it's important that your brands appeal to up and coming segments in the market even if right now they may fall outside the specific identity markers defined by research. The fact is that all segments grow, diversify and reform with ever evolving needs and value equations. The teenagers of today are the pensioners of tomorrow, so a company cannot survive in the longer term by appealing only in a single way to the same people. That's why something like the strategic use of a graffiti artist by a bank or other traditional conservative outlet can be the cause of a change in attention from diverse market segments. It's a lesson to advertisers and promoters that everything in life changes and it's only those who deny this and steadfastly remain dinosaurs while the world about them is changing which suffer the ultimate fate of the giants of the past.

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