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A company or service organisation requires a credible headquarters. Not just as a place to house staff and associates but also as a sign of permanence and stability. It makes sense then that upon the opening of a new structure which is set to serve this purpose that there should be an accompanying celebration. And a perfect way to create a keepsake of the event and to cement the day in the memories of all those who attend is to utilise the ceremonial products you see here as gifts to attendees and as centrepieces for the day's festivities.

A classic example of this class of product is groundbreaking shovels. When a new mine site or a new building commences it is traditional in some countries to attract a dignitary who can turn the first sod of earth in the process of building and development. A golden shovel is a perfect way to attract the attention of attendees and when engraved and hung in the foyer of the completed building it's a constant reminder of the progress the organisation has made and the big day on which somebody famous began the process of rehousing.

Not only do ceremonial products have a place as mementos of a day of celebration they also work as gifts to attendees so everyone there on the bog day has a personal reminder of the event. Individual items like lapel pins and engraved gifts can be sourced at a low price and handed out in large quantities to everyone in attendance. This has the joint effects of personalising the experience of attending while also increasing the excitement and sense of involvement of those who are there.

Similarly, another product which has effective value in the opening of a new mine site, building or event are golden ceremonial scissors. traditionally a ribbon would be hung across a doorway or pathway in anticipation of the first people officially entering the building for its new purpose. Cutting the ribbon has become somewhat of a tradition and the golden ribbon cutting scissors you can see here can then also be handed to the dignitary responsible for the cutting in a presentation case as a lasting reminder of the event they attended.

Our society is traditionally built around public ceremonies which recede from our collective memories as the years go by. The power and emotional involvement they provide for people is well known so it makes sense to create your own ceremonial events and use the appropriate ceremonial products to increase the engagement and motivations of staff and business contacts.

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