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Combination Bottle Opener Sunglasses

As another Aussie Summer approaches this innovative new promo idea from the USA could be the answer to problems which plague our great nation every year. With UV levels and dehydration ever rising amongst the public combination sunglass bottle openers seem to be a product which will win wide appeal. How many times have you been enjoying the great Australian outdoors under the hot southern hemisphere sun when you found yourself without either a pair of protective sunglasses or a bottle opener which would permit you access to a cooling and refreshing beverage? The unfortunate fact is that government research confirms that these two issues constitute the greatest challenge our nation faces in the mid term.

Thankfully our colleagues in the USA are ahead of the game and have not forgotten about their little brother nation at the bottom of the world. Available in a range of exciting colours malibu bottle opener sunglasses are a fashion innovation which satisfies the emotional and physical needs of every man, woman and child across the nation.

Consider for instance if you are in the business of marketing beverages or indeed in the business of consuming them regularly. Traditional bottle openers are difficult to keep about your person and the danger of carrying one on your keyring is that casual observers may jump to the conclusion that you are a hopeless dipsomaniac so entirely within the thrall of alcohol that you are unable to leave home unless your are desperately clutching the mean by which you can consume more. The subtle design of the sunglass bottle opener ensures that you are able to remove the closure of any beverage in seconds while it is not obvious to anyone other than those in the know that you are equipped for rapid-fire refreshment.

Consider the industries which could benefit from the adoption of these items as standard promotional gifts. Of course brewers and distillers would be ready customers who are always keen to assist their client base in gaining access to their products Equally soft drink companies and those concerned about the deleterious effects of the southern sun on the delicate structure of the eye.

Protect yourself and your clients while satisfying a thirst a kangaroo couldn't jump over and turn the negatives of the Aussie Summer into a marketing opportunity.

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