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Creating Brand Value With Promotional Products

Marketing and promotions are all about return on investment. There's no point generation large sales if it costs you money every time a client makes a purchase. In simple terms a marketer's job is to spend less money acquiring new clients and sales than they spend. Of course there are many ways in which a budget can be justified beyond an immediate return on investment. Below we discuss the ways in which cheap promotional products can be utilised to maximise the return on your promotional spend.

If your company has a limited budget and is looking to expand the client base of enhance sales in general promotional products have been proven many times to be one of the most cost effective ways in which these common marketing objectives can be achieved. Most importantly when attempting to leverage additional revenues from an existing client base is to develop a program which will not reduce the equity in brands and consumer perceptions of your organisation. It would be a simple matter for Mercedes Benz to produce a cheap sedan assembled from parts procured on the cheap from Eastern Europe, and the vehicle would be highly profitable in the short term, as people purchased based on the three pointed star logo on the grill. But looking a year ahead it would be an entirely different story as word got out that the vehicle was inferior. In the longer term many more people would be warned off by the reputation of the inferior model than were ever attracted in the first place by its low price and the short-term lift in profits would be more than offset by the dive in brand value caused by the release of the inferior product.

This is why great value promotional merchandise is a possible solution to this dilemma. Purchasing the right promotional idea at the right price is a way of leveraging the marketing investment like no other. You can see for instance here there is a great range of cheap promotional products which appear to have a far greater value than their cost. Say you pay $5 for a quality branded item and it has an apparent value of $15? Your $5 promotional marketing investment is already in the black as you have effectively tripled the return on your investment by investing in the right items.

Other than choosing an item which reflects positively on your brand and enhances the general brand-building messages of general advertising, budget is the element of which one should be most conscious. It is all very well to produce sales which cost far more than the general marketing unit cost per sale, however in the longer term it is not possible for an organisation to function on this basis unless there is an external source of revenue. Instead the best way top proceed is to look for great value items which carry your logo to the market in such as way as to both build your brand and encourage consumers to put their money on the counter.

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