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Crossbench Senators Change Direction

Australia's new Senators have taken their place in the chamber. Now controlled by a disparate group of cross-benchers (the intentions of whom have been broadly condemned by the media and mainstream parties) the Senate in its first week of sitting has been the scene of some of the most interesting political activity seen in this country for a decade. While demands for a double dissolution election have been heard from the left the right has mumbled under its breath that they are "delighted" by the new arrangements which see Ricky Muir crowned as parliamentary gatekeeper.

In the first week of debate Australia's carbon tax has come under scrutiny with the majority of the balance-weilding minor party members declaring publicly that the tax is doomed. It's proven that in taking down the unpopular measures legislated by the previous Labor government a number of new government initiatives bundled with the repeal bills have also been defeated. Leading the charge against what many see as heavy-handed budgetary measures has been none other than Senator Ricky Muir who despite months of ridicule in the media has steered a clever path between the wishes of the government and those of his associates in the Palmer United Party.

After Al Gore appeared in the Parliamentary great hall beside Clive Palmer to announce a joint initiative to create a rational response to the needs of the environment and the economy it seems that Mr. Palmer has been the driving force behind the changes to climate legislation. The last couple of days activity in the Senate, while likely a cleverly staged set-piece between Mr. Muir and the PUP Senate team, has drawn media attention to their policies while effectively marginalising the three major parties which have until now come to expect the full attention of the electorate.

With the different senate forces testing each other's defences in the first week of skirmishes it's the duty of the promotional products blog to suggest more engaging ways in which our leaders can cooperate to ensure the best interests of the public. Failing this, how about some stuff they can use to take cheap, subtle-as-a-sledgehammer shots at each other from the security of their side of the chamber?

It's well known that promotional merchandise is a way to both engage and reward associates. Yet it should also be noted that gifts and mementos should not only be lavished upon people we hold in high esteem. Through history a strategically selected gift has brought warring clans together and it should be no different for our elected members. While Mr. Muir is an unlikely catalyst for a new era of major party cooperation and understanding his practical work background as manager of a sawmill has likely taught him the value of good relations with one's workmates, particularly when rotating blades are involved. And Mr. Muir is already aware that the personal dangers of the Federal Parliament workplace far exceed anything he's used to at the sawmill.

To celebrate his new position as senate powerbroker, Mr. Muir would do well to offer his fellows on the cross benches a gift which confirms his green credentials while not losing sight of his working class roots. Perhaps a custom printed tyre cover as seen here, would be an option which all senators could use on the back of their 4WD? Printed with message "I'm Following Ricky" these mobile billboards would inform the nation that our new direction has been chosen by somebody used to reading maps and finding a way through the wilderness. And let's face it, if you were lost in the bush and had your choice of the new senators to lead you to safety, you couldn't do better than Ricky Muir.

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