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It's for good reason that the military decorates those who go above and beyond the orders they are given with medals. Highly visible, stylishly designed and medals have along history of signifying achievement, approval and valour so it makes sense that your should try to associate your brand with these traditionally revered values. The fact that having custom medals made is also relatively cost effective is the final reason that many companies and community organisations find emotional and economic value in applying their brand to theses traditionally valued metal ornaments.

If your organisation is involved with the community or any of the demographic units which comprise our society at a social level medals should be a mainstay of your reward= and marketing efforts, for every time you hand out a medal to somebody for achieving above and beyond the call of duty you are not only providing a cost effective reward which will be cherished and admired for generations, you are overlaying your brand with these emotive ideals. While the human race prides itself on its rational and scientific behaviours the truth is that it is emotion which largely drives behaviours and the emotional underlays which support the reputation and desire for recognition of achievement and performance are the real basis of human social interactions.

Custom made medals are available in many forms, and are closely allied with medallions which are essentially the same device though perhaps lacking the means by which they are fastened to a garment or hung around a recipients neck. A medal traditionally has a ribbon applied and the ribbon itself both acts as a means of attachment while also highlighting the metallic device which might otherwise be more easily overlooked if it were not for the ribbon which increases the medal's visibility and apparent value. When you have custom medals manufactured make sure that you spend some of your time considering the ribbon, the way it will attach and the relationship of the colours shown in both the medal and the ribbon to ensure that the finished product works as a total package.

While medals are cheap, attractive and attention grabbing the real reason they are considered to be amongst the most sought after items people can acquire is their exclusivity and it is this factor which has the most impact on people who use them for promotional purposes. The fact that medals can only be obtained legitimately from the original source is something which drives their perceived emotional value even higher. If your organisations hands out medals as a sign of achievement and virtue the fact that they are rarely awarded and that they can be obtained only from you are reasons that people will desire them all the more.

Next time your company or community organisation is looking for a cost effective way to reward supporters and staff member you need look no further than having custom medals produced. The most difficult part for most people considering ordering medals is to get the final design right which is a skill which is beyond the abilities of many traditional graphic designers. So if your company is considering going down this route, make sure you deal with an experience medals manufacturer whose design staff are able to maximise the impact of your logo and ensure an effective integration wit your organisational livery.

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