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Custom Printed Playing Cards a Lay Down Misere

Remember during the second Gulf War - if you have not purged all such memories from your recollection - that when the forces of good and righteousness (us) sought the last remaining members of the enemy regime somebody of genius in the US war machine decided that custom playing cards were the best option to educate the troops on the identities and crimes of these wrongdoers? With 54 photographic images in each pack and all of them custom printed to suit a specific design it seems a logical decision to print the images of the Middle East's most wanted on the backs of playing cards.

For the peace time marketer engaged in his own war of attrition against the enemy and his competitors there are as many advantages in using custom printed cards. Not only are they excellent branding devices but the combination of the ability of a pack of cards to engage users while causing them to concentrate hard on the images printed on each is a winning combination which has proven to be successful for many marketing organisations.

Not only do you get to print on each of the cards but you also get to customise the box in which they are supplied. To see the full range of custom playing card options available and the great value pricing, check the list of products here and contact your Fresh promotions consultant on 1800 129 999 if you have any questions.

The other consideration in using a pack of cards as a marketing device is the relatively low price of each considering the branding breadth available. You can print a different product on each card or at least a different message or perspective on your company's offer which will not only provide more product knowledge than anything short of a catalogue of products, but if it's done the right way it can be an amusing and engaging collection of facts which will both encourage people to learn more about the details of your company and its offerings while adding to the apparent value of the personal gift you have made available.

So don't gamble with your promotional budget. Don't get too carried away with mainstream marketing and joining the terrible media clutter which is a fact of most broad-scale marketing activity these days. Provide an idea which both focusses your client's attention of what you what they to know while providing them with a personal gift which can provide hours of fun and diversion. Custom printed playing cards maybe something which is not on radar of the majority of marketers, but take a leaf out of the book of those players on a global stage who when presented with a promotional problem - that of making people aware of the baddies it was hunting - chose packs of playing cards as the most sensible and effective means available.

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