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Custom Stress Balls - Your Product in 3D

If your company is always on the lookout for new ways to make people in the market aware of the products and brands you have on offer a great way to do so is to offer up a scale version of one of the products, a company mascot or a version of a recognisable logo. With modern moulding and production techniques being redesigned in recent years to permit quick prototyping and mass production of smaller runs of finished product the opportunity for companies to produce custom stress shapes as a means of promotion.

Consider the effect of what is in reality a small, soft three dimensional version of a favoured product may have on the market. Not only will people have fun playing with a custom produced stress ball but the high likelihood is that it will find a prominent place in any office or on individual desks. People who wander past will most probably pick up the item, throw it around the room and comment on it as they amuse themselves. This sort of attention and a connection between, brand product and promotional item is exactly the way psychologically inclined marketers go about building the perceptions amongst consumers which ultimately lead top sales and profitable business trading.

The new techniques available for making custom moulded stress shapes ensures that small production runs can be managed cost effectively while a quality product can be produced without the traditional costs involved in cutting an injection moulding die from a block of stainless steel. The "short-run" moulds make it possible to produce a quality item at the right price. You can see an example of a custom designed and manufactured stress toy, here. Like this example of a specially manufactured product produced for a major financial institution.

The sort of companies and organisations which can achieve results using these products are varied. From consumer marketing companies which want to offer their loyal clientele a reminder of the items to which they often subscribe, right through to specialist heavy engineering organisations which are keen to promote an obscure engineering development, a replacement part or a new piece of machinery with specific industry applications a custom made stress ball in the shape of the targeted message is a proven way to provide the thing next best to the real thing at a low unit price.

Really, the best way to consider venturing into this territory is to think about the project as the production of a miniature sculpture which has the added advantage of being fun to play with and potentially reducing the stress levels of the recipient. A reproduction of a product in a way which can also prescribe fun and permanent visibility is an idea which will not only generate attention and contact requests in the short item but has the potential to interest and create ongoing attention for your company and brands.

Classic custom moulded products like money boxes and keyrings are proven successful ways to offer an incentive with strong branding delivery. Your own stress toy complete with logos, corporate colours and the ability to stand on a desk is an item which will keep giving for years o come and enhance the reputation and general image of your organisation.

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