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Custom Promotional Toys Make Friends

While promotional toys are often associated with promotional activity aimed at children the reality is that many gown-ups like to receive toys as well, if only because they are able to take them home and give them to the kids afterwards. But from the point of view of the marketer custom made toys have a lot of positives which allow them to be used in a range of ways so the one custom promotional product order can cover a lot of different marketing ground. Say for instance your company has produced a new mascot which is the public face of your company. A perfect way to engage with clients and staff and introduce the new symbol of your company's public face is to have a custom made soft toy (see, here) produced which can thereafter sit on people's desk or be given out to clients and guests of the organisation. To actually have a three dimensional representation of the normally two dimensional mascot is a great way to make your product and service offerings all the more real and generate cross generational interest in your market offerings.

It might seem like a difficult and complex prospect to have a three dimensional model of your company mascot produced. However this is where dealing with seasoned promotional experts makes things all the easier. All you have to do is send us a rendering on paper of the image and leave the rest to our team of expert designers who are then able to extend the design into the third dimension. If you have for many years had a simple mascot which has never managed to leap off the internet and into the real world or which has been confined to the realm of paper and printing having a custom made promotional toy made in its image is simply a matter of contacting Fresh promotions and sending the image by email. Leave the rest to us!

While many people take the course of sourcing a standard off the shelf product and applying their logo to it, it's not hard to understand why a completely custom made product from conception to manufacture has more impact and says "unique" more strongly to your clients and staff. If you can make the mascot cute and appealing so much the better as people will emotionally bond with your offering ad likely become attached over a period of time. This is exactly the sort of engaging activity successful marketers seek and cannot fail to extend the return on your investment in custom made promotional toys.

There are a number of ways in which custom toys can be produced for promotional activity. Custom soft toys as you can see, here, are a traditional way of producing these sought after items. Made of your choice of plush fabric they are suitable for small children and adults alike and have the advantage of being cuddly and warm. It's also possible to have a custom stress ball shape made, as you can see here. While these are not suitable for small children as they can be broken and torn apart with a concerted effort they have the advantage of being relatively cheap and simple to produce. The stress relieving qualities of these products are also well respected and therefore people will find a use for them beyond simply decorating a desk or office space.

If your company has gone to the trouble and expense of having a mascot designed who is the face of your company it makes sense to bring it to life having a custom promotional toys produced.

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