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Custom Starflex Keyrings

Custom Starflex Keyrings Light Up Your Branding

A promotional product which provides a number of uses is more likely to be retained and valued by its recipient. This makes logical sense if you think about it and is born out by ongoing research which is conducted by the promotional industry. A classic example of this style of product, which provides multiple service to its owner is custom starflex keyrings. Not only can these novel keyrings be made to any shape which suits you, so you can model them after your favourite product, your logo or even the shape of your new premises or mascot, but most interesting is the built in mini flashlight torch which operates when you squeeze the body of your starflex keyring. It seems difficult to believe that technology for such simple devices has come so far., however in a very small package which is produced at a remarkably low price starflex keyrings offer a strong branding opportunity while also providing a useful keyring and a proven LED light source which lasts for years.

You can see the custom starflex keyrings, here.

The other advantages of starflex keyrings are obvious once you get to hold and study one of them closely. Full colour digital printing is standard with these items. In the promotional products industry one of the ongoing issues is the high cost of multiple colour printing. generally an additional set-up charge is required for each product as well as the cost of the individual colour. Using screen printing or pad printing the other issue becomes the time involved and the ability to accurately set colours against each other on an irregular surface which is often the case with products which have not specifically designed for branding. Starflex keyrings, by way of their being branded using full colour digital printing avoid these additional costs and instead you get full colour printing of your design for about the same cost that are normally accrued while printing in only one colour.

Because starflex keyrings are so highly customisable you are able to get exactly what you want when having them produced. Compared to ordering an off the shelf keyring you are able to get exactly what you like and have a unique product which can only be be sourced from your company. This is one of the primary reasons people go for custom made promotional products in the first place, the fact that you can provide a promotional gift to your clients which is entirely unique to your company and cannot be sourced anywhere else.

But possibly the best aspect of these much appreciated promotional gifts is the built in button battery which ensures a long-life for the built in mini LED flashlight which is a part of every starflex keyring design. All you have to do is squeeze the soft plastic outer shell of any starflex design and you get instant light. It's not hard to imagine how popular this will make you with anyone lucky enough to receive one of the items you order when it comes time to open their front door in the dark or any oft the hundreds of other times we find ourselves needing a little light.

It may also seem daunting to some people how to go about the process of having a starflex keyring made from scratch. The reality is that all you need to do is give us a short brief and a picture of what you're after, ie. a .jpg of your logo or product you would like transformed into a light up keyring and you can leave the rest to our experienced design team. Not only a starflex keyrings a great value option which have real use beyond simply displaying your logo in an appealing manner but they are gifts everyone will find a use for and nobody will discard.

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