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Custom Printed Tea Towel

Custom Tea Towels Help Charities Clean Up

When economic times get tougher one of the first areas in the economy and community to suffer is charities and community groups. people naturally become more concerned about their own economic wellbeing and find less to donate to worthy causes when tougher times strike. So when there is an economic downturn like everyone else in the economy charity groups need to work harder to raise funds.

That's why custom printed tea towels are a great idea when money is needed by schools and community groups. By offering people a product which has genuine value and making a margin on it more people can be spurred into giving than if they were to only donate without receiving anything in return. As there is a great range of custom printed tea towels available utilising this fundraising product means there are many options which can appeal right across to the board in all areas of community engagement.

Everyone is well aware of the fundamental utility of a tea towel. Every kitchen has them and they are a standard part of the daily lives of most family. Think also about the location that a tea towel holds in the family home and the fact that they are a large flat branding area which offers the possibility of creating a standout, prominent piece of artwork to appear. So as an advertising medium the tea towel has many advantages which allow it to perform the work traditionally designed for promotional products. So major organisations, particularly those whose products and services are associated with food and homemaking can also extract great value from the opportunity to brand promotional tea towels with their corporate message.

Tea towels can be printed in a number of ways. These days the digital print technology which has become popular through the advertising and promotion industries allows full colour branding where in the past only a one colour screen print was possible. Many of the smaller community groups which use printed tea towels as a way to leverage attention for their work and raise funds form their supporters continue to use a single colour screen print in applying the artwork they have chosen to their tea towels as this is a cost effective way to reproduce artwork in a large scale. One the artwork is improved to include more than one colour the cost of reproduction can outweigh the advantages in terms of fund raising and appeal of the finished products.

Cotton tea towels are always popular but there is also interest in poly/cotton mix variations and of course for a premium product people still turn to linen which provides long lasting effectiveness. As in choosing all promotional products the promoter must balance the needs of the organisation running the promotion and the intended results from the program. There is no doubt that custom printed Tea Towels are a popular and practical promotional idea which become more popular and effective as they are utilised by more marketers. Next time your sports club, community group, school or charity is looking to raise funds form members think about the many advantages on offer when using printed tea towels as a way to raise funds and awareness.

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