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Camouflage Truckers Cap

Custom Truckers Caps Help Your Brand Standout

Many people understand the advantages which promotional baseball caps offer the public. These same opportunities exist in the form of truckers caps along with a few other alternative advantages which may make them more valuable for promotional activity than their more commonly used headwear relatives.

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First the promotional truckers cap has the advantage of being slightly cheaper and in these days when the budgets of most marketing organisations are stretched saving 50 cents to one dollar a unit means an additional 10% or so of finished product can be delivered for the same overall cost. But the major reason promotional truckers caps are popular in Australia is the fact they are relatively cool to wear when compared with more traditional all brushed cotton styles. The mesh back which is a prominent feature of all truckers cap styles allows additional air flow to the back of the head which is an ideal way to battle the negative aspects of the Australian climate.

While the majority of baseball caps are supplied with custom embroidery on the front of them to highlight your company branding this is not always the case with promotional truckers caps. Often a truckers cap can look just as good with a cheaper screenprint applied. This is because the branding area on a truckers cap is often made up of a soft single panel of foam which provides an ideal surface for screen printing. The area if not only flat and accessible by means of utilising a screen printing press but it is also a large scale branding area which allows additional detail to be shown which would not necessarily be otherwise visible on another form of promotional headwear.

One of the other great advantages of the truckers cap is the fact they standout as something slightly different from the general run of promotional headwear. A large part of success in promotional marketing is going the extra mile to make sure your offerings to the market stand out from the general mass of competitive messaging. In this respect the truckers cap is a great way to make sure your company stands alone in the minds of consumers.

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