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Mesh Truckers Cap

Don't Overlook Promotional Truckers Caps

Headwear is a promotional products staple and everyone is aware of the popularity of promotional baseball caps. With traditional caps in many ways outweighing the popularity of other headwear styles it makes sense to have a look at the other options, amongst which foremost are the closely related truckers caps. The promotional advantages of truckers' caps are significant and besides the fact they are slightly cheaper than a baseball cap of standard construction there are a number of other practical reasons which suggest they should be top of the list for Australian promotional marketing companies. You can see the complete range of truckers caps available, here.

If promotional products are all about branding then a truckers cap is the perfect solution. With a highly prominent branding area which allows you to present you logo and message in an impossible to miss way the truckers cap is supreme amongst promotional headwear as a way to present you logo and message to the public. The fact that a truckers cap complete with a well thought out design is superior in appearance and desirability to one which lacks any branding and could be said to be generic is all the more reason to consider them in your budget allocations.

The ways in which a truckers cap can be branded are also important in considering the ways in which you budget might be spent and the value for money which accrues. Generally for smaller orders the best option is embroidery. With multiple colours available for the same price as a single colour print because of the single set-up charge which applies many people believe that an embroidered truckers cap is the best option when assessing the various means of branding available. To achieve a full colour print the best option can be to apply a heat transfer decal which is effectively a digital print on a substrate which can then be applied by means of a heated press top adhere to the from of the cap. The advantage of this system is that you can achieve a flatter look with the finished product while also producing a more complicated and nuanced piece of artwork than can generally be achieved with embroidery.

The other branding option for truckers caps other than digital printing and embroidery is traditional screen printing. The ability to apply multiple colours is limited on a cap and this style of branding is generally reserved for large scale production runs which are printed in only one of two colours. Don't be deterred by the apparent difficulty of using screen print on truckers caps because the effect which is achieved can be strong and actually appear as a manufactured part of the final piece of headwear.

The mesh back of the truckers cap is also a great innovation in Australia as it allows cooling air to circulate around the scalp therefore aerating the head and producing a more comfortable product. Of course this is only one of the many practical reasons that everyone should consider promotional truckers caps when they next sit down to prepare their marketing and promotions budgets.

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