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Fascinating Facts About Promotional Products Part III

After the unprecedented interest in the analysis published here over the last two weeks more details have come to hand which confirm the cost and emotional advantages of adding promotional products to your company's marketing mix. In blog entires past we have established beyond doubt that the cost per impact of promotional merchandise rivals all other forms of advertising. Amongst the other revelations, last week it was proved that the longevity and desirability of promotional gear ensures that your message continues to resonate with clients long after the initial flurry of gift giving has abated.

With only 20% of hard-hearted people taking a promotional gift and tossing it in the bin soon after receipt you have a pool of 80% of your marketing spend still existing in an environment in which it can have a dramatic influence. Compare this with traditional media advertising which over a short period gets lost in the clutter of competing messages, most of which are simply blocked out and ignored by an advertising weary general public. The more accurate targeting of market segments using branded merchandise and the proven effectiveness of delivering a product with genuine utility are all that's needed to elevate the effect of promotional marketing above the background noise of mainstream media. Any objective assessment of overall marketing performance would prove that around 80% of most messaging is misdirected or lost before it even has an opportunity to impact potential consumers so the fact that only 20% of (ungrateful) people dispose of a promotional gift without due consideration of its potential value means anyone directing their marketing investment towards branded products is starting the race far ahead of their competition.

Other information which can be showcased here relates to a multi-pronged promotional approach. When promotional products are added to an existing media based marketing campaign the evidence is that it leverages much greater returns and recall across the whole demographic than simply relying on more traditional advertising techniques. Because an extraordinary eighty-nine percent of people can recall the name of the company which gave them a promotional product after two years if you are able to hand out a branded merchandise idea which has congruency with a larger promotional message the evidence is that you will be able to spark interest and recall amongst a huge swathe of consumers and therefore leverage a far greater return in sales and brand equity than would otherwise be the case with a more traditional approach.

With the average recipient of a promotional gift using the product at least once a week you have an ongoing repeated impact of your message being delivered at a fraction of a cent per impact. Not only is this the holy grail of brand marketing but there are a range of other ancillary benefits which can flow to your brand and bottom line. Say for instance the product you send out is used in an office. Other people will either look covetously upon the item another lucky member of the staff has received or alternatively if your generosity has extended to gifting the item to everyone in the office the chorus of excitement and delight which will arise will more than double the impact which could otherwise be achieved.

The facts and statistics are clear, my friends. Promotional products are not only relationship game changers, they are positive contributors to the bottom line. Those who mock and claim that a stress ball is nothing but a piece of worthless foam are often the first to reach for one when their plans go off the rails. Promotional products are the proven way top win friends and influence people as will be explained in the inspiring next instalment of this journey through the fascinating world of promotional marketing.

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