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Five in One Charger Keeps Data Flowing

One of the best new products which has come our way recently is the five in one charging buddy which you can see right here. Imported direct from the USA this handy device offers a one stop solution for recharging all styles of smart phones and communication devices. While the modern range of communications devices have revolutionised the business landscape the weak link in the electronic data industry is the need for mobile power and recharging. Many times we have all been let down by the excess power drain of these essential devices. The variations on the market between manufacturers makes emergency recharging hit and miss.

Not any longer with the promotional 5 in one recharger.

Compatible with apple iPhones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy Android devices not only does this five in one problem solver allow you to reenergise a depleted battery it's possible to charge multiple devices at the same time. No more quick doses of electricity as you and a business associate juggle recharging time and drain the batteries to the point of calls dying mid sentence, the five in one device ensures that there's enough power to go around for everyone.

Available in six snappy colour combinations and supplied with full colour digital logo printing every car, office and handbag could do with a five in one time saver. Call your consultant at Fresh promotions right now on 1800 129 999 to learn more about availability and the other great complimentary communications promotional products which are available exclusively from Fresh.

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