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Full Colour Digital Branding Options

When it's time to add a logo or corporate message to selected promotional products traditionally the systems used were about taking the basic elements of the logo and reducing them to a single colour or simplified design. This was because the technology available to print in multiple colours was complex and somewhat inaccurate. The degrees of registration required in multi-colour printing was such that it was difficult to get the colours to apply in a manner which allowed accurate reproduction or much of the time the image area available was so small that it was difficult to represent the logo in its full colour glory. Fortunately advances in digital colour printing in recent years have seen new technologies emerge which allow quality full colour customised branding to be applied to promotional products.

Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions on developing and maintaining up to date and relevant logos and branding styles so it makes sense they would be sensitive to the need to ensure this newly developed branding appears to best effect on all aspects of their marketing merchandise. As mentioned above it has traditionally been impossible or uneconomic to use full colour branding on promotional merchandise but these days it it possible for everything from notepads to promotional pens to be branded in full colour.

The reason digital full colour printing on items like pens works so well is both the quality of the reproduction of the logo which can be achieved and the relatively cost effective process which sees only a single set-up charge levied for the entire full colour printing process as opposed to the traditional methods which require an individual colour plate to be produced for each of the four colours which combine to create a final full colour image. As a digital printing system is able to produce the final product using only a single image file all of the colours which contribute to the final colour reproduction are applied in one hit saving time, money and ensuring more accurate reproduction of the logo.

Colour printed pens are amongst the most popular items which companies seek to have printed in full colour. One of the main reasons for this is the wide distribution which pens achieve and the fact that the base colour of each pen over which the logo is applied offers a stable and effective background which will highlight the colours and details of any logo. Also the fact that pens eventually make it far and wide into the greater market is another reason companies believe it is worth their while to invest more in reproduction of their logo on this promotional medium.

One day in the near future digital colour printing will be the industry standard in the promotional products game. At the moment large amounts of capital have been invested in the existing technologies so it is only competitive pressure which is pointing promotional product consumers towards these lines. But rest assured in the next decade the time of full colour digital printing will be with us and we can be sure there will be a great deal of excitement amongst those marketing organisations which have minimised their use of promotional merchandise based on the inability to reproduce their corporate livery with complete accuracy.

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