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Fun Facts About Promotional Products

Have a search about your home or desk and see how many branded promotional products you can find. If the answer is "none" you are in a minority as more than 8 out of ten people report owning at least one branded item. These items may have come via a generous supplier or they could have come through some internal staff offering. Ether way the fact that promotional items stick around and their branding keeps working to inform the new owner is an unquestioned fact. But it gets better for promoters of the wonders of promotional products..... not only do at least 80% of people have their lives enriched by having a promotional product on hand, more than 50% of those people use a branded gift item they have received at lest once a week. This item might be something as simple as a ruler or a plastic pen, but none the less every time it is handled the impact of the branding proves once again that promotional marketing is the most cost effective form of brand development.

When it comes to which class of promotional merchandise is the best for attracting attention and getting the notice of people other than the recipient of the original gift US research proves that promotional bags are the best option, followed closely by printed pens. It's no surprise to regular readers of this blog that these two classes of branded merchandise would lead the field in attracting attention. And not only are they proven ways to get attention for your brand and spread awareness of your organisation. The other important factor, which applies to the great majority of promotional products is that they have a practical use beyond their brand promotion powers. This is why investment in them is so effective as not only are you spreading the word, you are creating a positive emotional attachment with your client base every time they use the products you have handed out and find that they ease their way through the day.

On average, people hold on to the promotional products they receive for almost 7 months. Of course this figure varies considerably depending on the style of item you are offering. Cheap, novelty products might only be designed to make an immediate impact and then be discarded, and of course one of the most popular categories of merchandise, confectionery, is not designed to hang about at all, in fact the sooner it's gone the greater its popularity. Despite these variants, the fact that the average tote bag, baseball cap, plastic pen or ruler has six months of working life ahead of it promoting your brand is all the evidence you need that an investment in this class of marketing products is a proven way to add multiple impressions of your logo and message to the overall impact of your overarching marketing campaign.

The final fun fact for the day is that the five largest consumers of branded merchandise are the education, healthcare, finance, construction and not-for-profit sectors. A quick analysis of these industries shows why promotional products are so important to their marketing planning. The emotional involvement they seek with consumers must be achieved through personal contact and daily activity as they do not supply a "product" as such, rather they are more service based industries. In this case where consumers are less able to assess the relative value of the organisation's offerings and instead are interested in the nature of the relationship they can build with a service supplier the provision of promotional products as a proven way to enhance personal business relationships is a perfect way to increase brand equity with an otherwise potentially disengaged client base.

More fun promotional facts to come next week. Tune in for a further analysis of the products which work and how to use them to enhance the sales and brand equity of your organisation.

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