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Groundbreaking Shovels

Gold Shovels Make For a Grand Opening

Opening a new building is a major milestone in the history of a company or organisation and it makes sense to celebrate and remember such occasions. Organising the local mayor or member of parliament to attend your event is a proven way to add excitement and interest as well as connecting your organisation with the greater world beyond your own borders.

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Using a custom branded item as a focus for the day of celebration is another proven way to create focus and attention. That's why something like a gold shovel which can be used as part of a groundbreaking ceremony is a great way to create a lasting memento of the company's big day. The bright gold finish on each shovel leaves no doubt in the minds of people attending the event that something special is happening and there is nothing like the lustre of gold to highlight the special nature of the unfolding event.

If your company is planning to extend its premises or move to new digs which herald an expansion or new beginning why not celebrate the event and make it a special day. One of the proven ways in which to make long lasting memories of the beginning of the construction of new premises is by staging a groundbreaking ceremony. And of course an essential element of such an event is the provision of a gold groundbreaking shovel for dignitaries to use to turn the first sod in anticipation of the commencement of construction.

After a significant event has finished often only happy memories remain, however if your company invests in a golden shovel it can become a memento of the event for years to come. Hung in the reception area of boardroom of the new premises it will be a constant reminder of the big day of celebration and from where the company came and where it intends heading.

Of course on the day of opening a new building a pair of gold ribbon cutting scissors are an essential requirement. These two distinct yet related ceremonial gift items make celebrating company milestones memorable.

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