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Great Promotional Products of 2014

Every year in business presents its own challenges and every year the cycle of marketing, sales and revenue encounters different hurdles in different locations on the course. What new promotional ideas have come onto the market in 2014 which may assist specifically in dealing with the common challenges faced by marketers in the first quarter of the new year?

2014 has so far been a difficult year for business in Australia. Given the problems facing business of maintaining cash flow and margin what products have emerged early in the year which can assist business with the maintenance of company financials.

While the instinct in tougher times is to retreat into a shell and wait for a break in the weather a more reasonable approach which allows a company to prosper and grown in tough times and not just in times of plenty of to engage the market when others are not. Cheap promotional products are likely to be a way in which you can have others take notice of your offers while your competitors are counting their pennies and sitting on their hands in anticipation of somebody else in the market making the first move.

Consider a simple promo gift idea like promotional jelly beans. Many companies concerned about cash flow include a small confectionery offering with their printed accounts. Not only is it harder to ignore the arrival of the invoice as the accounts and sales staff fight ver the tasty treats within, it's also a way of creating a positive feel about the company which is wanting to be paid. For a company to invest a dollar or two in sweets and have its invoices paid on time is a great way to not only enhance brand image but score a win in the constant battle to maintain positive cash flow.

As the difficulties of service industries come home to them and more and more companies outsource to overseas suppliers a great way for Australian service providers to attract interest and loyalty is to offer a personalised promotional gift idea. Finding an offering which will make its permanent home on a client desk and will prompt them to remember your problem solving abilities is a great way to produce an ongoing promotion for a minimum amount of money. Accurate targeting of the gifts is a better way to control promotional expenditure than not spending anything at all.

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