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Great Value Custom Made Lapel Pins

In choosing a promotional product style marketers are always looking for something which costs a little and looks like it's worth a lot. Custom made lapel pins are a great option which many companies keep on hand as an emergency gift or simply something which can be given to visitors or staff members representing the organisation.

For around a dollar or so you can have an accurate representation of your logo or favourite product made into a handy piece of jewellery which people will keep for years and are unlikely to throw away. Next time you're watching one of our heroic politicians strutting the media stage spare a moment to tear yourself away from their inspiring words and look to the lapel of their italian suit. In most cases you'll notice a custom made pin celebrating a particular day of remembrance. If it's good enough for our leaders there must be something in it for the rest of us.

As a cost effective way in which to reward supporters, donors or members of a club it's hard to go past a custom made lapel pin. As they are cheap to order it's not an overly costly exercise to get them produced while recipients will cherish the gesture and likely wear it with provide both promoting the club or organisation further afield and enhancing their personal emotional bonds. As a matter of exclusivity a small pin can be much sought after. If your club produces its own pins be sure that you have a monopoly on their distribution. The only place these items can be obtained is from your organisation which therefore adds a layer of exclusivity and selectiveness to the value equation.

Getting a lapel pin made to your idea is simple. Using the Fresh promotions Free Design Service, just send us a copy of your logo or even a sketch on the back of a beer coaster and our design team will make it into an attractive lapel pin design for free! Add that value to the overall proposition from custom pins and you have one of the most effective classes of marketing products available in the Australian market.

For more information on the styles available check our lapel pin category page, here. Or to speak with an expert, call 1800 129 999 right now.

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