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Once highlighters were exclusively used by students and lawyers whose use of extensive texts and reams of notes led to the development of a pen style which made access to critical data more simple. These days highlighter pens are used by all groups in business and the academic world and the tradition of highlighting words and phrases in reference material has become the norm. The range of highlighter pen styles available ensures that there is something which suits all users, from high-flying legal teams through to kids at kindergarden who might use these pens for different purpose, yet in each case the application is of equal importance to users. You can see the complete range of promotional highlighter pens available, here.

Traditionally a highlighter pen was complete with a fluorescent yellow refill and a chisel-shaped felt tip, however these days there is a significant number of different colours and styles which allow the use of highlighters to extend beyond the traditional uses for which these versatile products were procured. Available now in blue, pink and orange in addition to the traditional yellow this provides the opportunity to highlight different sentences and paragraphs in books with different colours depending on the emphasis and attention required of the quotation. Available in sets of different colours the variations in highlighter colours add a new dimension to the use of this novel marker style.

As a promotional products which can be used in attracting the attention and budgets of clients and business contacts highlighters have a number of established uses. First, they can simply be handed out to clients and business contacts as a tool which they can use in their business days. For instance a simple highlighter pen handed to an office worker is most likely to find a place in their pen caddy or top draw, or even on their desk top so that your concat details which have been applied are readily available and will most likely slowly seep their way into the consciousness of the recipient and all who attend their workspace.

Another effective way in which highlighters can be used in promotional activity is as a bonus or premium on the purchase of other stationery or business related items. Offering these pens with purchase of other lines is a great way to value-add a sales campaign while ensuring your contact details are always on hand. As a promotional tool which may attract and entertain the youth market promotional highlighter pens are proven winners with the great range of variable colours and styles ensuring there is an ideal product for every promotional use.

Whether it's for the use of your own staff or in the case that your want to appeal to third parties or the educational market the highlighter pen is a proven winner with the range of availability of price points to ensure every promotional marketer will find a products which will assist in achieving their marketing goals. If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right style or need advice on the best way to approach an upcoming campaign speak with one of our consultants on 1800 129 999 anytime.

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