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How Long Does you Marketing Message Last?

Continuing the series of blog reports regarding the effectiveness of promotional advertising compared with other more traditional forms of brand promotion and advertising we now settle on the issue of the longevity of the marketing message and therefore the long-term effects of promotional product marketing compared with that experienced by companies which instead choose to invest their available marketing funds in more traditional advertising media. There is little doubt that a product which has genuine utility and apparent retail value will likely be kept by most of the people by whom it has been received, however the general longevity of promotional marketing products amongst their consumer base is something which has not been studied in extensive detail. The latest PPAI research confirms what has been considered by many experts to be a fact that the average promotional gift handed out to a fortunate recipient will last at least 6.6 months on their desk before it is handed on or it reaches the end of its useful life.

This figure is one which needs careful consideration as the lifespan of the different categories of promotional products varies significantly depending on the quality of the product purchased and the way in which it is used. For instance some items like metal travel mugs may last for many years. Not only are they tough and able to handle a beating which other products made from lesser materials would not be able to stand they are also items which are personal conveniences and therefore the person who owns them is likely to treat them gently and ensure they are looked after. Other classic promotional items like polo shirts and T shirts will last as long as the quality of the material from which they are made dictates or in some cases they way they are treated by the people who have received them and the regularity with which they are worn and washed. If your company goes to the extend or having T shirts screen printed which have an amusing or stylish emblem or design applied to them the likelihood is that the product will not last as long because it will be worn more often. This leads to the balancing act of deciding to make your product more popular by putting extra effort into developing an appealing design and concern for its longevity. In the end the canny marketer would prefer that the garment they choose to represent their company is worn regularly and enjoyed by the recipient, rather than folded and tucked into the bottom drawer and disposed of some time in the future.

The fact that the average promotional product has an effective life span of 6.6 months gives the canny marketer a lot of clues as to what can be expected in terms of return on the initial investment involved in purchasing, branding and distributing the product. If your company is considering dipping its toe into the deep water of the promotional products pond it pays to have a good understanding of the needs of the clients with whom you will be interacting and also come to understand what it is that can be done to provide them with a products which will both become a part of their work day and give them emotional satisfaction which will hopefully rub off and improve their attitude towards your company and its product offerings.

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