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Invest in Custom Made Money Boxes

In these days of online banking and EFT it might seem the humble money box is an item which would be limited interest to promotional experts. Fact is custom made coin banks and money boxes are one of the most effective marketing ideas for a range of reasons.

First these items are all about branding. Not only can you have your mascot or company ID turned into a real, 3D sculpture which can be admired from all angles, the genuine utility of them item in storing and keeping change safe is something of interest to all of us. It seems to be human nature to squirrel away change for a rainy day and there are few better ways in which to keep things together than a money box.

For kids a custom made money box is a great way to encourage them to save and create a favourable positive impression of your brand. Remember when we were kids and the nice bank manager from the local Commonwealth branch would come and lecture the class about the wonders of the financial system and hand out to one and all a printed tin showing the bank's headquarters? The impression that strategy created amongst children stays with you for life and it is perhaps as much this long term promotional strategy as any other which has seen the Commonwealth bank continue to dominate the Australian market and grow beyond the levels of its four major competitors.

Regular readers of the promotional products blog (and we know there are tens of thousands of you out there) would be aware of the value in adding the personal touch to your marketing activities. A promotional money box.

Visibility is the key to brand advertising. If your message proceeds unobserved there is every chance the work you've committed to will go unrewarded. Having your own promotional money box manufactured gives you the opportunity to make the most of the branding opportunities your company possesses. A money box stands in a prominent position whether that be on the desk of the receptionist or in a child's bedroom. Make sure that what can be seen by users and passers-by is something you're proud of. A conservative approach has its value, but don't forget that fun and novelty are ways in which you can successfully leverage your marketing dollar to achieve higher levels of return.

And best of all one of the reasons to think about these items is the Fresh Promotions FREE design service offer for custom money box orders. Send us a sketch, a logo, or just give us a description of the final product you imagine and leave it up to our CAD design team to send you back a finished design which will maximise the advantages for your company or organisation.

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