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It's Drink Bottles' Final Season

One of the basic requirements of life on search is liquid H20 and promotional drink bottles are a way of ensuring you an your business associates are always well hydrated. Whether it's to support a local sports team, encourage a fitness campaign for staff or simply to procure a valuable and much appreciated promotional item custom printed bottles are a promotional mainstay which have uses across the board. There are hundreds of styles of promotional sports , drink and water bottles available. you can see the full range available, here.

This time of the year is the sports season in Australia. Team sports are a crucial part of the social fabric of Australia and whether it's personal involvement, sponsorship or the fact one is associated through the activities of family and friends. At the end of the winter sports season the exposure and involvement you might have with a sports team comes to an apex of activity so it can prove to be a time in which the use of promotional bottles as marketing tools can provide rich rewards.

Consider for instance that your company supports a local sports team through a sponsorship agreement. Providing printed bottles is a proven way to both supply the team with a useful branded item which displays the team colours along with having the advantage of highlighting your own company message and contact details. One of the great branding opportunities which bottles present is the large scale image area available. A second advantage is the fact that bottles are generally printed in two positions allowing the canny marketer to offer two independent messages on each unit, that might for instance be a company logo and slogan on the main branding area combined with a telephone number or web address on the second position. This is of course a suggestion only and the best return on investment is achieved by designing a custom idea which suits the products and expresses a truth about the organisation making the offer.

Consider for instance the advantages in encouraging staff to become fitter and for the promotion of a company-wide fitness program. All the scientific research which has ever been presented suggests that a healthy and active staff if more productive, has fewer sick days and generally is more content and pleasant to be around. It would be to the advantage of any organisation to have the staff working harder with greater attention t detail and more enthusiasm. Not only would the physical fitness of the company improve but the attitude towards team work and supporting each other in their daily endeavours would also most likely increase along with more easily quantified determinants.

Another significant consideration in sourcing promotional water bottles is the environmental advantages they offer over the continual purchase of generic bottles water from stores. While the damage the disposal of PET bottles causes to the environment has been highlighted for many years the fact that you are offering people a reusable means by which to transport potable water is a sure way to enhance your green credentials while saving money. If all the staff take they daily H20 needs from the tap rather than buying bottled water the advantages over a period of time in terms of cost and disposal of the bottles themselves can be substantial.

So next time your company is looking for a cost effective way to increase awareness of your brand and engage with the local community and consumers don't look past the many inherent advantages which promotional drink bottles hold. Whether it's for a school, a team or even for your own staff the advantages are extensive. Consider also that a promotional bottle generally has a long life so your gift and its associated message will be out working for your for years to come.

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