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Promotional Compendiums Keep Things Together

These days with electronic communication and data transfer being the preferred manner in which communications in business take place a lot of companies have set their sights on achieving the "paperless office" ideal where all traditional means of communication and record storage. There is still a place i every office for a notepad and pen as there are still no more efficient ways in existence to pass contact details or a simple message to workmates.

Promotional compendiums are an idea which crosses over between the traditional systems of office data flow and still has a place in the modern business world. A compendium can carry all the essentials of the average business day or is an ideal way to bring together the essentials that salesmen or other representative of your company will require as they attend external meetings. With pockets of business cards, a calculator included and a lined note pad the average promotional compendium has a range of uses and permits your staff to loom professional while they are out and about representing your organisation to its client base.

To see the complete range of promotional compendiums available through Fresh Promotions check the category page range shown, here.

Other than the budget available for the purchase of the products there are a couple of other major considerations to work through before deciding which models the right one for your company. First consideration is the requirements for branding. Do you want subtle branding as per old school gold leaf lettering or embossing? Or do you want to make a statement with a large brand on the front or in other prominent position? In most cases a compendium is treated in the same way a briefcase or even a wallet or purse may be. In this case the requirement for stylishness or fashionability may trump the need for logo visibility. Again, if you are considering the product as a gift to clients it may be better to concentrate on making the compendium as attractive as possible rather than making your logo take up the whole available branding area.

Consideration should also be given to selecting the right material for the outer cover. While leather is a popular choice for a premium version most are made of compounded leather or PVC/Vinyl which when applied the right way is difficult to tell from a natural material. While leather compendiums are a premium product which make great corporate gifts the cheaper versions are still effective in keeping everything together and are actually advantageous in some situations as they can be produced in a range of colours and textures which may more closely match or enhance the company livery.

Size is the final consideration. While the majority of paper sizes and notepads which we deal with on a daily basis are A4 compendiums are also available in A5 size which is more convenient to handle, store and transport. A small model can have many advantages and can be a compact office on the run for the busy executive. Regardless of what business you're in and the nature of the industry in which you compete there are uses for promotional compendiums in every organisation.

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