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Keep Safe With High Vis Workwear

In recent years rules and regulations governing the safe conduct of work practices in places of employment have brought forth a wide range of changes to the way in which business is conducted. First and foremost amongst these new directives are controls on the styles of clothing and the level of visibility they provide for wearers.

Work garments like high visibility workwear (see range, here) have become a standard part of the Australian business scene with almost every worker these days who is employed in an area where heavy machinery operates. There is of course some debate as to the effectiveness of this strategy which is almost unique in the world, however the fact remains that these laws are supported with significant enforcement clauses so business in Australia is compelled to abide by government regulation, so sourcing the right high visibility clothing is the responsibility of every company director.

Some vest styles are suitable for night and daytime wear. Traditionally the difference between the two forms of vest are the addition of reflective tape to those garments used in low-light conditions or in the dark of night. A silver reflective tape is sewn to the outside of each vest which picks up stray sources of light, causing a prominent and difficult-to-miss reflection. Consider for instance if your organisation was involved in the construction of a new mine site which required round the clock work utilising a range of heavy machinery and a umber of human employees. What would be the best way in which the safety of the workforce could be maintained? One of the most proven effective ways in which to protect people from injury and devastation is the use of hi vis vests.

While we have all seen workers on the side of the road or in outdoor applications wearing high visibility vests to ensure their protection from danger, there are many other company applications of these work garments. In warehouses and storage facilities where forklifts rule the roost the high visibility vest is a legal requirement for all people venturing into the work zone.

Available in a range of sizes, in either fluorescent yellow or orange every company can place their own mark on this versatile and essential work clothing style.

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