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Fresh New Website Announcement

New Fresh Website

As regular visitors to this website will realise there's been a big change to the layout and design. The positive changes affect every page of the website and there will be more functions and features added over the coming weeks.

Look out for future blogging which will be centred around trying to make a daily comment about the promotional products interesting vaguely entertaining. Bringing in world events and the political system to the consideration of promotional ideas is going to be a challenge but at least it won;t be another expose on the wonders of the coffee mug or keyring. When new products are introduced to the market which are of genuine novelty and value we will of course write what needs to be said, but in general these blog pages will be devoted to big picture analysis. That is the place for promotional products in the greater universe. Bet you can't wait to read more about that! So peruse the new site and look out for anything which needs explanation, is annoying or less than promised and let the promo blogger know. Without fear or favour we will dissect the activities of marketers of all kinds, be they politicians or merchants or more tangible merchandise. Your comments and views will be warmly embraced.

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