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Piggyback Your Brand off International Trends

Many people win smaller companies use promotional products to highlight emerging qualities in their brand. While the larger corporations have the resources and the international marketing budgets to promote changes to their livery and branding across traditional advertising platforms small to medium sized organisations are less able to rebrand or update the corporate image as easily. This is where the selection of the right promotional products and the correct application of the logo can be a cost effective way to alter consumer perceptions of your brand. The product on which you print or engrave your logo can reflect the values you wish to communicate to your market. For instance choosing a pair of promotional thongs (see the range, here) is a great way for a company to show its casual and whimsical side even if the normal traditions of communication are for more staid presentation. By choosing the right product there is no danger of undermining the history of brand building which has proceeded the promotional activity.

Another opportunity in brand enhancement which comes form using promotional products is the ability to segment the market and offer a different message to each market. For instance of traditionally your company has a more mature client base and wants to appeal to potential new buyers it is possible using promotional products to present a novel, new product which appeals to the younger generation. If general media advertising is undertaken there may be some spill over to a larger segment of the existing client base, causing confusion and potentially distress amongst them. The selective, accurate targeting possible with promotional products ensures only those who receive the promotional item carrying the message and company branding will be impacted by the changed company message.

Right now when the Rio Olympic Games are in progress we see how a large event like this can capture the imagination of the public across all ages and demographic groupings. If you are able to play off this event, say by offering your clients a product which relates to the success of the national team the general level of attention and excitement which has been created by the media attention will definitely leverage a higher rate of interest from your own promotional marketing campaign. While it may be in breech of copyright to use the Olympic rings without the express permission of the IOC it is still possible to choose promotional collateral which relates to the events without causing a legal fallout. For instance, while the Australian Olympic team is in the pool handing out promotional swimming goggles or bathing caps with your company logo printed in the side will remind the recipient of your brand every time an Australian team member is in the pool.

Traditional products like promotional compendiums (see the range, here) may conversely appeal to a younger market whose main experience is with digital and electronic products. One thing is for sure the tens of thousands of promotional products available ensure that there is a suitable item for every style of brand enhancement campaign, regardless of the age and social status of those targeted.

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