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30cm Plastic Rulers with Custom Logo Printing

Practical Promo Gifts Work Best

Recent groundbreaking research conducted by the PPAi in the USA has unearthed hitherto unknown facts about the effective use of promotional products in marketing. Where a promotional gift had genuine utility and could find a place in the office based on its effective use there was a 73% retention of the product. In other words people don't like disposing of items which they may one day find a use for. This is an important clue in choosing the right promotional investment for your company or organisation.

Take for instance something as simple as a promotional ruler. To many people a ruler could be seen as a simple standby giveaway which was suitable for children or to use as a cheap gift. It might also be considered that a ruler would be more suitable if it were placed in a kit with other products to make up a kit. However we know that in an office rulers have a regular use so it makes sense that instead of going for the cheapest plastic option if could be worth your while to consider buying an expensive and attractive ruler which will definitely trump all others which have been received previously.

Simple office gifts like letter openers, highlighter pens and notepads have been proven through the years to work in generating brand awareness. It now seems that the main reason these products work so well is that people are loath to dispose of gift items which may one day have some genuine value in their daily working lives. It doesn't take much to place these items in a top drawer so that even if they are not used immediately the likelihood is that they will be thrown out is slim and the future probability is that they will emerge to become powerful ambassadors for your brand message.

So next time you;re looking about for a product to use to promote your company or community organisation thunk about the daily business lives of the likely recipients and look for a product they will want to use at least once a day. Repeated exposure to your brand message is a proven way for your name to sink in to the consciousness of your clients. Research now proves there are few more cost effective ways to do this than offering the right promotional products to your client base.

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