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Promo Ideas for Winter

The change of season is as important to marketers as it is for farmers or purveyors of fashion. With every new season and the consequent changes in the weather opportunities arise for those watching the landscape carefully. Rather than retreat into a shell and wait for the skies to clear, there are many cold-weather opportunities which can leverage sales and enquiry from consumers. Here are a few ideas which will help top kick-start your off-season awareness.

Football season is always a popular diversion for Australians. Every code, from Soccer to Union has tribes of supporters whose commitment to their team is second only to their commitment to their favourite beer. This sort of emotional opportunity is one no marketer should ignore. Products like scarves and thunder sticks are a great way for you not only to leverage sales and awareness from a sponsorship involvement but also to make those you do business with happy. The right piece of equipment which adds fun and dimension to a day at the footy is exactly the type of promotional activity which leads to long-term success.

The Aussie lifestyle is generally enjoyed outdoors and even though Winter is a time of restricted opportunity in terms of enjoying the wilderness, the cooler temperatures and higher probability of rain also extend the opportunity to enjoy some parts of the continent which are too difficult to navigate during the peak of Summer. In all the great Aussie outdoors has something for everyone at all times of the year. Make sure when planning your promotional activity that you take advantage of the opportunities available.

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