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Promotional Air Fresheners Smell of Success

Part of success in the world of promotional products marketing is developing ideas which fit naturally with other elements of the marketing mix. A good way to begin looking for ideas which will enhance your sales and brand recall is different message delivery media which act in congress with an existing traditional media buy.

A product which many marketers have settled on to deliver specific targeted messages is promotional air fresheners. We've all seen people driving down the road with a brightly printed air freshener attached to the rear vision mirror of their car. Consider for a moment the opportunities which are available to your company by getting the specific attention of a driver or other car occupants and how the high visibility and utility of the air freshener can be utilised to enhance the image and reputation of your organisation. You can see the whole range of custom made air fresheners available here, or can call any time on 1800 129 999 to get the rundown from one of our consultants.

For instance many radio stations have become regular purchasers of custom made air fresheners. Think about the market and the dynamics of their listen profiles. With drive-time radio being the most regularly listened to and carrying the highest advertising premiums it makes sense to specifically target car travellers with a promotional idea which direct listeners to the station in question.

But you don't have to be a radio broadcaster to take advantage. Anyone with a message which can be related to cars, travel and automobiles has an opportunity to exploit promotional air fresheners as a means to enhancing the standing of their brand. It could be a fast food company which is wanting to remind car travellers that they have a breakfast menu, or even something only vaguely related like a new telephone handset or communications package which would be of interest to people on the move. The fact that most of us have an interest in cars and need them to get about during our daily lives is all the motivation required to make custom air fresheners work for you as part of your marketing activity.

There's a large range of potential styles available off the shelf so you can choose a relatively cheap option to promote your message. While this can be an effective way to get a simple message delivered at a low cost per view the real impact of air fresheners is in producing a custom designed model which will fully represent your company's image and livery. The additional cost involved in custom production is not significant, particularly if you take advantage of Fresh Promotions Free Air Freshener Design Service where our experts with many years experience will take your idea and make it into a finished product. There is no charge for the design of your promotional air fresheners so the difficult part of making an idea work is part of the final unit cost you'll be quoted.

Next time you're on the road look about in the traffic and see how many cars are festooned with custom printed air fresheners. See a lot? Then why not make your logo or message part of the fun? Not see any? Then there is an even bigger opportunity to be the first to provide the product to the motoring community. Either way with the low unit cost and the high utility and visibility promotional air fresheners are an idea from which wafts the sweet smell of success.

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