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Promotional Bucket Hats Have Broad Appeal

Everyone knows that baseball caps are items which have broad appeal amongst consumers and promotional marketers. Just go for a walk down a city street and you're likely to see a large number of people wearing caps which carry custom embroidery and logo decoration. For this reason, the general popularity of promotional headwear, it makes sense to look more widely at the different branded headwear styles which are available in the market. Once you go through this process it won't take long to realise that promotional bucket hats are items which most people are interested in and which hold a particular niche in the headwear market which can be exploited by canny promotional advertisers.

You can see the range of promotional bucket hats, here.

Bucket hats have advantages over other styles of promotional headwear. First for Australian marketers they have great appeal to the surf and skate culture which is popular with youth. If your company is trying to engage with the youth market or appeal to a younger set in marketing it may be that promotional bucket hats are a better option than a traditional baseball cap style. The other great advantage in the Australian climate is that promotional bucket hats by way of their design and structure have a wide brim which covers the whole circumference of each hat, this gives greater protection from the sun than a baseball cap which can only provide shape from the face but neglects to protect the rest of the neck and head. For this reason alone a lot of companies prefer to dress their staff in bucket hats than caps.

From the point of view of an actual user many people find a bucket hat more comfortable to wear than they find other forms of more tight fitting headwear. Bucket hats have as part of their imagery a certain "slacker" feel which is mirrored by the looser fit and the vaguely conical shape which ensures they are easy to put on and remove. the looser fit can also lead to greater air flow around the crown of the head which is also a great reason to choose them over caps if they are being distributed in the warmer months of the year.

The branding opportunities for bucket hats are similar to baseball caps, however they do provide a larger branding area than the majority of cap styles which is also appealing to marketers. Add the fact that the whole circumference of a bucket hat can be embroidered or printed without any technical difficulty and you have a potentially more prominent and easily read branding than with other headwear styles.

Next time your company is looking for promotional headwear which combines marketing value with user appreciation it's hard to go past promotional bucket hats.

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